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    A stunning bespoke carpet from Wilton Carpets Commercial has been laid in the Music Room Gallery at the Royal Pavilion, featuring a striking and intricate design that carefully replicates the original carpet that adorned the gallery in the 19th century.The new carpet consists of unusual deep reds, pinks and golds on a soft beige base colour, a design that complements the Chinoiserie style décor of the Music Room Gallery. With small motifs and fine detailing, this is a complex and sophisticated carpet that gives the room a lavish, grand feel.

    The carpet was first imitated in 1975, when staff from the conservation team at the Royal Pavilion worked closely with the Wilton Design team to recreate the original hand-knotted carpet from 1821. Referring to watercolour paintings by Pugin depicting the Music Gallery from this time, Wilton worked to replicate the carpet, using influences from carpets from Turkmenistan that included motifs that corresponded closely to those seen in the paintings. Some 37 years later in 2012, the carpet needed to be replaced and Wilton was the obvious and preferred choice for the Royal Pavilion.

    As Louise Brown, Facilities Manager for the Royal Pavilion, explains, “When it came to replacing the carpet, we knew that Wilton had a copy of the bespoke design pattern from 37 years ago. We felt confident that by purchasing the identical carpet from the same manufacturer, we could expect high quality carpet that should last us another 35 years or more.”

    However, it was not just a simple re-order of the same design. The design team at the Royal Pavilion requested a small sample piece to be made first, to re-check the carpet against the original watercolour for ultimate likeness. As a result of this, some of the colours were adjusted for a look that is even more true to form than the first copy, allowed by the wider choice of colours now available from Wilton and highlighting the carpet manufacturer’s commitment to achieving perfection.

    “We are delighted with the finished carpet,” enthuses Louise. “It really renews the palatial feel of the Music Room Gallery once again and we are sure that it will continue to look fantastic for the next few decades and withstand the pressure of the next 12 million visitors who walk across it.”

    Initially decorated in the Chinoiserie style and used as a billiards room in 1803, the Music Room Gallery has undergone many extravagant transformations, including assuming an Egyptian style and eventually reverting to the original Chinese-inspired design. In 1821, the room was again redecorated, and has remained in the same style right up until the present day. Now, thanks to Wilton, the carpet looks set to remain the focal feature of the Music Room Gallery for years to come.

    This commercial carpet, a wilton 10-row weave in an Avebury Super cut pile, was fitted by P.H Buxton & Sons across 189 square metres. Wilton Carpets Commercial’s bespoke carpets are ideal for clients who want something unique and striking. The Design Team at Wilton provides a thorough service, working directly with designers, contractors and clients right from the initial briefing stage to perfecting the finished product. With a choice of axminster, wilton or tufted weave carpets, Wilton Carpets Commercial can create carpets in any colour, in a choice of qualities, from light commercial to very heavy contract.

    For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

    Daniel Fountain / 17.05.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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