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    What is SPAshell™?

    SPAshell™ is a fully functioning, working spa complete with eight fully furnished Treatment Rooms, Thermal Experiences, Deep Relaxation area, Juice Bar and a Spa Lounge that leads to an Outdoor Balcony Terrace, which overlooks the Outdoor Hot Tub. This concept, developed by Spa Creators over five years in development has been created from identifying a need in the market for a spa that could be designed, developed and delivered to its pre prepared site, requiring no foundations with minimal building works or interruptions to daily operations.

    Who is it for?
    Spa Creators have seen a growing requirement in the boutique hotel and venue based business markets for an additional revenue stream. Over the years, many operators have approached Spa Creators for spa consultancy advice but may not feel they have the experience, the space or the finance to take on a large-scale spa build. Alistair Johnson, Founder and Managing Director of SPAshell™ says “This is an effective method of increasing REV PAR (revenue per room), increasing food and beverage sales, increasing room occupancy and broadening your market appeal”.

    SPAshell™ is a franchise spa business and offers a turnkey fully working spa. Built upon years of experience, enabling the operator (who may have no prior spa knowledge) to deliver a luxury spa experience for their guests. This concept will also appeal to country house and landowners who are looking to diversify. SPAshell™ will manage every stage of the process from planning through to spa launch. What makes this design particularly appealing is that due to the modular construction method used, there is no requirement for foundations, which may open up a site that has previously been limited by planning or conservation restrictions.

    How is it made?
    SPAshell™ is designed using latest eco modular construction methods, with a central building and eight spa treatment pods that are connected to the main building. The spa footprint measures 20m by 20m in total.

    The core building and each spa pod is clad in Siberian Larch Wood chosen for low maintenance, high manufacturing standards, and for being an aesthetically beautiful timber. It was chosen to blend sympathetically with the countryside and its environment. However, the most amazing feature of Siberian Larch is its natural resistance to decay. It is known in Russia as the ‘Tree of Eternity’.

    The spa building which has been designed exclusively by Spa Creators has combined the most efficient use of valuable space for obtaining high revenue returns. With a unique design for client flow, this spa has integrated the best operational spa practices to offer an exceptional spa experience for its size. The building is a facetted circular construction with a cantilevered roof to the outdoor balcony .The spa is designed around a stunning circular structure known as the ‘Oyster’. This is the hub of the spa and houses the reception, changing areas, thermal suite on the ground floor and a Deep Relaxation area, Juice Bar and a Spa Lounge that leads to the outdoor balcony terrace.

    What is the benefit over a traditional spa build?
    Other than the obvious advantages in terms of speed of installation, minimal interruptions to the venue and low cost: the only requirement of the operator is to provide services to the building and the staff. The simplicity of this business model with no requirement for significant upfront investment makes this an extremely compelling concept. Once installed and connected your spa is ready to go.

    ‘What could be simpler, SPAshell™’
    For more a detailed discussion, full business presentation contact: alistair@spashell.com or call ++ 44 (0) 118 947 1857

    Daniel Fountain / 18.05.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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