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    Geberit’s Sovent fitting, a space saving drainage and ventilation solution for high-rise buildings, has been installed for the first time in the UK at Birmingham’s 140 bedroom Premier Inn. Negating the need for a two stack drainage system, Sovent takes up less space in the service riser, while servicing bathrooms efficiently, quietly and without the risk of unpleasant smells.Installed by Sharpe Mechanical Services, Philip McMaster, from Sharpe, explains the benefits of Sovent: “The Sovent system reduces the requirements for a soil vent pipe throughout the full height of the building, taking up space in the congested service riser, solving a particular problem in tall buildings.”

    About Sovent

    The flow-optimised Sovent fitting enhances the pipe capacity several times over and dispenses with the need to install a parallel ventilation pipe in most instances.

    Rapidly changing pressure situations in conventional discharge stacks above a certain length can lead to unwanted side effects. They could, for example, cause the floor pipes connected to the stack to be sucked dry by high negative pressure or be blown dry by overpressure. This is why the drainage systems of many high-rise buildings include very generously dimensioned discharge stacks and a parallel ventilation pipe that is connected with this stack at regular intervals.

    Sovent prevents hydraulic closures in the discharge stack caused by floor connections, thus enhancing its flow capacity. At the same time, Sovent ensures a supply of air between branch discharge pipe and discharge stack, making it possible to dispense with parallel ventilation pipes. In addition, a partition prevents foam or splash water from getting into the branch discharge pipe.

    Total hotel plumbing solutions

    Installed along side Geberit Sovent is Geberit’s Silent-db20; a waste water pipe with built in sound insulation; ensuring peace and quiet for the hotel’s guests and Geberit Mapress, a press-fit pipe system for general plumbing. Geberit’s long lasting and environmentally sound HDPE delivers above-ground drainage.

    The Premier Inn provides an example of where a number of Geberit’s solutions, specifically suited to jobs of this nature, have come together. Philip McMaster concluded: “All of Geberit’s products are of excellent quality, with a range of products to suit different plumbing and ventilation challenges.”

    Daniel Fountain / 17.07.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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