‘A no-brainer’ verdict for Forbes Group’s Buffet-Rite

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    Forbes Group has been delighted to receive a positive verdict on its Buffet-Rite table tops from Franck Rosello, the Central Operations and Projects Manager for the award-winning etc.venues. Rosello has responsibility for fifteen stylish and busy locations across London and Birmingham. In the last three years, he has ordered ninety-five of Forbes’ Buffet-Rites – wipe-clean, heat proof table tops that fit over existing tables. When Forbes asked what mattered most to him about the product, Rosello listed three elements: its aesthetic, its practicality and its economics.

    Rosello explained that the slick looks of the Buffet-Rite, particularly when used over the slinky Silcra cover made an eye-catching statement in keeping with his venues’ aesthetic. Furthermore, the wipe-clean, heat-resistant Buffet-Rite lid is, he explained, easy to clean not just after, but also during food & drink presentation – keeping things neat throughout.

    So far as the economics of the Buffet-Rite are concerned, it is evidently cheaper to wipe-clean a surface than to launder table cloths, but the Buffet-Rite is more expensive than, say, banqueting roll. But as Franck Rosello put it, “Sure the initial outlay is greater than banqueting cloth, but in the long-run, ‘it’s a no-brainer’.”

    Forbes Group’s Managing Director Chris Graville is ‘delighted to receive such positive feedback from such an energetic and enterprising company. We always try to incorporate clients’ ideas and advice into our new designs. To hear that we are succeeding will encourage us to pursue this approach.’

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    Daniel Fountain / 08.06.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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