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    Zhengyin Art is an art service company that has been dedicated to create original, elegant artworks that elevate space since 1997. The company’s works covers a wide range of mediums from ceramics to hand-forges metal and installations.

    A collage of art from Zhengyin Art

    Image credit: Zhengyin Art

    Its artists believe art has the power to transform a space and provides depths and richness to a room. They work closely with the interior designer and dive into the story behind each space to create artworks that are best fitting for the overall design. With years of experience and a solid understanding of the overall design, they never overlook even the smallest details to ensure a perfect final delivery of each piece of artwork. The artists are always onsite to control the quality and complete the installation together with our professional team of art installers.

    Two men installing a large piece of art

    Image credit: Zhengyin Art

    The company works closely with interior designers and get involved in the beginning of a project, from briefing, concept, delivery to installation, to provide a stress-free experience for our clients and ensure each piece of artwork is uniquely created for each project.

    Its artists construct customised art solution, selecting the most suitable craft and materials while staying mindful of feasibility of production and installation. The team’s ability to bring diverse customised designs to reality is what truly sets them apart.

    A conceptional flowing sculpture made from metal

    Image credit: Zhengyin Art

    To pursue a sustainable development and support young artists, Zhengyin Art works with intangible cultural heritage inheritors to create artworks. In this way, the company supports the local craftsmanship and also able to share high quality artworks with our clients. Meanwhile, regular workshops were scheduled at the studios where young professionals can come visit and learn about traditional craftsmanship.

    A man painting onto a large surface area

    Image credit: Zhengyin Art

    Through years of experiences and learning, its innovative creations embrace traditional Chinese art forms while staying inspired by eastern and western styles. The company has been creating and producing customised artworks for worldwide well-known company like MGM, Four Seasons and Jumeirah and other hospitality brands.

    Art piece of moon-like circle at the end of a corridor

    Image credit: Zhengyin Art

    More than 20 years of experience in the industry has given Zhengyin Art a wealth of knowledge. Its in-house artists know their ways around a wide range mediums. The team have delivered customised artworks in various forms using both modern and traditional crafts. Whether it is a painting, a sculpture, or a complex installation, Zhengyin Art can realise your art visions and integrate it into the interiors seamlessly.

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