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    Zennio offers technology solutions for hotels, homes and buildings.

    Who is Zennio?

    • Specialist manufacture of KNX solutions.
    • Zennio leads the Spanish market.
    • We have the largest KNX engineering in Spain.
    • More than 700 active clients.
    • More than 500,000 products installed in 90 countries and 10,000 projects executed

    Zennio offers a complete range of hard and software solutions allowing for access control, individual room and communal area management plus overall control and operation via our Building Management Systems (BMS). Our solutions are based around the KNX protocol, the world’s leading open standard for building management and offers unrivalled reliability and longevity.

    +44 (0)7981 181 426

    Business Address

    Zennio UK
    3 Clarke Mews
    Newton Leys
    Milton Keynes
    MK3 5QB, United Kingdom

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