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    London based Studio Waldemeyer was founded in 2004 – initially to support Swarovski’s legendary Crystal Palace project with technology and design solutions. Collaborations with many of the world’s most famous designers laid the foundation for the most innovative creative force in lighting. The open approach has made the studio the go-to place for design innovation for industry heavy weights such as Philippe Starck, Zaha Hadid and Ingo Maurer.

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    The studio’s original designs are classics in their own right, collected by museums such as MoMA and the London Design Museum.

    The portfolio spans projects as diverse as bespoke installations and signature chandeliers, wall and table lamps. These can be found internationally in some of the most famous retail locations and hotels. Waldemeyer is also known to have a taste for the exotic: be it the participation in the Olympic closing ceremony, dressing A list celebrities and even illuminating the 100 year Bentley anniversary concept car.

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    The list of corporate clients is just as impressive including brands such as Versace, Moncler, Audi and Bicester Village.

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    The studio nurtures a unique skill set in the industry that pushes beyond the classic 3D tool set to include advanced parametric software and a keen interest in the intersection between technology and traditional craft. The majority of the projects rely on the studio’s ability to create custom electronics and LED modules, allowing the creation of designs far beyond what is available off the shelf, creations unique in their ability and aesthetic.

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