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    Ruark has been creating audio products for a little over thirty years, and we’re just as passionate today as we were back then. Our timeless and elegant design principles remain the same as ever and as technology has developed over the years, our products have too. We are immensely proud to offer a new generation of music systems with wide ranging appeal, enjoyed for both their beautiful design and superior sound.

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    Based on the south east coast of England, we are a family-owned company with an amazing, passionate team. Our inspiration is varied and comes from our experiences, things we admire, our love of music, and walks along the beach in Southend.

    ‘Design-led Audio’ has always been at the heart of everything we do. We love design and take inspiration from architecture, interior trends and the world around us. Our aim is to create design icons of the future. Clean lines and proportions allied to special features such as our RotoDial controller make our products unique and instantly recognisable.

    The skill, knowledge and experience we bring to our design and engineering together with best available components and materials, gives our products their unique quality and character. And through our heritage in Hi-Fi, our trademark sound is natural and easy to listen to. We understand the importance of ambience and detail in creating a memorable guest experience, but in considering everything from soft furnishings and bathroom fittings to colour palettes and lighting, many hotel operators still overlook one vital sensory element: sound.

    The smartphone means that many guests will have their music collection with them when they travel. Enabling them to enjoy their favourite radio stations and music with sound quality as good as (or better than) they hear at home is a simple but powerful way to enhance their time with you. We’re very proud that Ruark products can be found in the rooms and suites of some of the world’s most prestigious and desirable hotels. Our timeless and eye catching models are designed to enhance their surroundings and fit seamlessly into any interior scheme. With carefully-considered materials, exemplary build quality, simple intuitive controls and sound that belies their compact dimensions they will add another dimension to your guests’ experience.

    Loved since its introduction in 2006, the R1 is our most popular model among our hospitality customers. With a sensitive DAB and FM receiver we know that many choose to have the radio playing quietly for when guests enter their accommodation, which immediately creates a relaxing ambience. Also with its Bluetooth connectivity, guests can easily connect and enjoy streaming their own content from their smartphones or suchlike devices. Smartphones can also be charged from the USB-C port on the rear. The auto-dimming display makes R1 ideal for use next to a bed and with its sleep timer activated and its relaxing natural sound, the R1 will lull many guests to a perfect night’s sleep.

    In addition for R1 we’ve developed software specifically for hotel use which we can customise and install to our client’s requirements prior to dispatch. This allows us to customise the volume output level, limit the built-in alarm to ‘once-only’ and even show your hotel’s name on the display screen when it’s in standby mode.

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