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    Spaces made extraordinary.

    Red Dog Glass Design is an independently owned British business, transforming public and private spaces into something extraordinary with stunning abstract art glass panels.

    Commercial Stone Reception

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    Founded by contemporary artist Sally Coulden, the company is passionate about elevating the guest experience though accessible and purposeful contemporary art – it’s about being in an environment while you relax or work that creates a sense of deep wellbeing and emotional contentment.

    Sally at her easel_Banner

    Image caption: Sally Coulden, Founder, Red Dog Glass Design

    Inspired by her love of coastlines and waterways, Coulden’s impactful abstract paintings reflect the expansive skies and infinite horizons of wild British spaces. The team at Red Dog Glass Design carefully translate the artist’s original paintings into works of digital art, deconstructing and recreating each piece into a range of bespoke sizes. The artwork is then expertly applied to high-quality glass panels. Durable, practical and beautiful, each unique piece can be installed as high-end contemporary art panels or as glass splashbacks, in a range of commercial and residential settings.

    Commercial Washroom splashback

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    The products are designed to last. They’re hygienic, easy to clean and very hard-wearing, perfect for high-use commercial interiors. They’re made from premium quality 6mm and 4mm toughened low iron glass that is waterproof, heat resistant to 220 degrees Celsius and guaranteed for 10 years.

    Crafted to the team’s exacting specifications in the UK, the panels are made on demand and to order, with a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure every piece is exceptional.

    Commercial Bistro by Red Dog Glass Design

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    Working in a collaborative partnership with the brand’s clients, the team can deliver everything from bespoke commissions for a hotel or super-yacht to the bulk supply of splash backs that add a touch of luxury to a hotel chain bathroom.

    Commercial Night Club with glass mural

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    Known for its infectious curiosity and agile thinking, award-winning customer service and technical expertise allows the team to offer a highly focussed, bespoke design service to help you create something as unique as your space demands.

    Put simply, Red Dog Glass Design can help transform your space into something extraordinary.

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