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    Founded way back in 1741, Marca Corona is the oldest ceramics company in the Sassuolo district. A long story of excellence told with pride within the company museum, the Galleria Marca Corona.

    All the steps of the productive and creative process in fact take place entirely in Italy, using the finest raw materials, the most advanced technologies and highly qualified staff, in full compliance with environmental protection and health and safety regulations.

    Marca Corona today proposes porcelain stoneware floor tiles and white-body wall tiles that are able to combine the highest technical performance with irresistible looks. A complete and versatile range of products, ranging from the Linea 1741 line of small sizes with timeless appeal to the innovative 120×240 slabs and the HiThick range for outdoor use. In order to meet different design needs, Marca Corona has also created its own Project Division to provide industry professionals with cutting-edge technical solutions.

    • Annual production capacity: 6,500,000 square metres
    • Annual turnover: over €70 million
    • Office space: 1200 square metres
    • Showrooms: 600 square metres
    • Employees: 250

    These figures show the commitment and success of a company that has known how to combine history with innovation, passion with technology, profound local roots with internationalisation.

    Since 1982, it has been part of Gruppo Concorde, the main European ceramics group that is wholly Italian owned. Marca Corona has made a name for itself in the top segments of the international market as a lively advocate of Italian style throughout the world.



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