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    The MAAPS studio (founded in 2010) is steered deftly by industry stalwart Peter Mance. With more than 30 years in his design career, Peter’s experience spans most sectors from hospitality, residential and education through to retail, exhibition, marine and office environments. One of MAAPS key areas of expertise is the thoughtful reimagining and adaptation of existing space.

    As a much-respected designer within the community, Peter’s strong background in technical and operational design capabilities provides a solid foundation for his multi-disciplinary creative team to reference.

    Image caption: CQ Gracechurch St - Club Living Room 2

    Image caption: Living Room inside Club Quarters Hotel, San Francisco

    Of particular note, Peter’s 22 years collaboration with innovative business brand Club Quarters has borne many innovations. From the first self-check-in stations which were conceived and implemented in 1998, the invention of long-stay guestrooms, the development of compact room forms derived from maritime expertise, through to continuing explorations of adaptative guest room typologies that are now commonly accepted modes of operation throughout the hotel industry.

    Image caption: The lobby, inside Club Quarters Hotel, San Francisco

    Image caption: The lobby, inside Club Quarters Hotel, San Francisco

    This sustained collaboration not only conveys the trust and understanding MAAPS can bring to a business relationship but also illustrates the merits of a shared knowledge base and the advantages of maintaining a collective iterative partnership.  One where the client and team can assess and critically discard any element or trend that does not functionally serve the guest or assist the hotel’s operational team deliver exceptional service. With CQ, MAAPS have been able to explore, test and refine the smallest details within every facet of the hotel experience, while delivering durable unrivalled room returns for the hotelier.

    In the case of one city centre hotel Peter’s design forethought has enabled the property to readily adapt across the last 20 years to the successive transformation of standards, amenities and technologies within the guestroom.  All without the need alter the fundamental room configuration.

    At the core of MAAPS design methodology is attention to detail, which is paramount. As are the priorities of project management, concise accurate documentation, and fostering respected relationships with consultant engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, the site construction teams and procurement professionals.

    MAAPS’ essence is to think hard, explore the improbable, design with purpose, and immerse themselves into the client’s aspirations, often embedding seamlessly to become at one with the client’s in-house project team.

    On matters of sustainability MAAPS have an innate and intuitive approach which focuses on longevity and value. A commitment to utilise the natural resources of the world and emerging technologies to interact within a responsible framework which provide appropriate and cost-conscious solutions for our clients.

    MAAPS embrace refurbishment and new build projects for individual and corporate clients. They enjoy the challenge of a restrictive, awkward site and are successful in working with listed and heritage buildings often within sensitive conservation areas for both residential and commercial developments.

    As a team, MAAPS invests careful thought into the desired emotional response of any interior or architectural environment, and how the team can engineer the functional elements of the design to support this. Underpinning this is their desire to work beyond the immediate surface of any brief and align their thinking with the long-term objectives of their client. Often to evoke a natural sense of evolution, as though the reimagined spaces had effortlessly always existed this way.

    While hospitality is a key area of expertise and research for MAAPS, their wider cultural interests, love of engineering, fascination in materials and the myriad methods of construction, along with a passionate appreciation of our built heritage serve to enrich MAAPS overall approach to design.

    While MAAPS is anchored by the Peter’s experience, its teams’ diverse backgrounds enable them to be attentive, innovative, adaptable and dependable partners. The studio is made up of a thoughtful, engaging, creative team and Peter’s leadership ensures a generous, dedicated, passionate and detailed approach to each project. The designs which emerge from the studio not only aesthetically pleasing but are sustainable and long-lived solutions that can be practically achieved and built.

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