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    Founded in 2014 by property developer and entrepreneur Wayne Spriggs, Lusso has fast become one of the UK’s market leaders of beautiful bathrooms. Its popularity in recent years has allowed the brand to expand into all areas of homeware, and now the stunning collections include everything from the renowned Lusso stone baths and basins to wider collections such as kitchen taps, sinks, hardware and tables.

    arabescato lamp basin and free standing bath - both marble inspired

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    “Although the styles vary between each Lusso range, every collection is unified by our signature aesthetic of understated elegance,” said Spriggs. “For Lusso, that means contemporary, confident shapes with sweeping curves, strong lines, and a muted palette of natural tones, with accents of brushed gold, polished chrome, gunmetal and matte black. Though our ranges all carry a similar sense of timeless luxury, they’re completely versatile and it’s rare to find a Lusso product that’s styled the same.”

    The Lusso brand has been built on quality, expert craftsmanship and unmatched design, and these values have led Lusso to become a reputable name across the world. Lusso’s collections are found in homes nationwide and in leading global design destinations. These include Claridge’s in London, Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia, and the Equinox Hotel in New York. Lusso is a proud industry partner of the British Institute of Interior Design and the American Society of Interior Designers.

    A modern bathroom with living wall

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    Lusso not only prides itself on delivering luxurious products but focuses heavily on providing an experience like no other. All Lusso products are finely made by expert artisans and are crafted from unrivalled materials, meeting the demand for the highest quality, standards and unparalleled expertise. From the renowned Lusso stone – a fine blend of pure white limestone – to sustainably sourced marble from around the world, the collections are beautifully in keeping with the Lusso ethos – aiming to provide attainable, accessible luxury for all areas of the home.

    Tactile, sensorial and timelessly elegant, all Lusso products are covered with a guarantee, a testament to the calibre of each individual product. Lusso stone and marble products are covered with a lifetime guarantee, testaments to the natural qualities and durability of the materials.

    Standon Hall - traditional bath with heritage interiors

    Image credit: Standon Hall

    Lusso has become a market leader, offering beautiful homewares, fixtures and fittings for all areas of the home. Since launching in 2014, the brand has grown rapidly and has expanded its product offering wider than just the bathroom. Now, the collections include hardware, kitchenware, tables, accessories and soft linens such as towels and robes. Lusso enables you to purchase luxury lifestyle and home products all under one roof and one brand, with the ultimate goal to be the UK’s leading single-brand department store.

    Although defined by its signature taste of minimalist elegance, Lusso’s products are extremely versatile and can be displayed in all themes of interiors. The range offers a multitude of colour options and styles, ensuring that there’s something for each particular design style. This is a reason why the brand’s highly-sought homeware can be found in both residential homes and commercial establishments.

    Dark, moody bathroom setting in glass bathroom next to bedroom

    Image credit: Equinox Hotel

    “We’ve always been focused on enabling people to enjoy luxury living at an affordable price; by designing, manufacturing and directly retailing our own products via our own online store,” Spriggs added. “This, alongside our design aesthetic and commitment to using high-quality materials, continues to give us a market advantage. We often receive stockist requests from wholesalers that wish to stock Lusso in their stores or display in showrooms, and to this day I have declined. I want Lusso to remain the only destination for our products, with the ultimate vision of becoming the world’s leading single-brand, luxury department store.”

    Lusso supplies multiple clients daily, this includes everything from smaller home renovation projects to larger developments including hotels, resorts and restaurants. Lusso takes orders online or over the phone, enabling you to build your wishlist and check out online or speak directly with a member of the experienced sales team. Bespoke requests can also be tailored, as Lusso has a select range of its products which can be made in bespoke sizes.


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