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    Kaldewei leads the way with sustainable bathroom solutions created with superior steel enamel.

    An extensive portfolio of more than 600 shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins, a wide co-ordinated colour palette, excellent performance, longevity and of course sustainability enables Kaldewei to provide perfectly coordinated solutions for projects large or small.

    Kaldewei is a pioneer in the field of sustainability; for more than 100 years this family run company has been using raw materials and transforming them into steel enamel and crafting long-lasting and recyclable bathroom products. Within the hotel construction and refurbishment sector there is an increasing need for sustainability and environmental cognisance; Kaldewei work with architectural networks and other partners to raise awareness of sustainable building among professionals and private builders. Kaldewei’s commitment to the environment extends beyond their manufactured products and they are involved in numerous environmental collaborations, including the long-term partnership with environmental conservation organisation, the WWF.

    Modern basins in contemporary bathrooms

    Image credit: Kaldewei

    Kaldewei is a brand with an ecological conscience, they now use Bluemint steel as part of its manufacturing process, which reduces their carbon output by 70 per cent. This does not alter the quality of their products in any way as they still produce luxurious, sustainable bathroom solutions.

    Four coloured basins from Kaldewei

    Image credit: Kaldewei

    This has coined the term Luxtainable – the perfect example of how the highest standards of sustainability, quality and aesthetics can be merged perfectly.

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