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    Illumination Physics is a designer and manufacturer of specialist LED lighting equipment aimed primarily at the architectural, hotel, resort and themed entertainment markets.

    We are project orientated. We design products specifically for the precise circumstances of each building and design intention. We are experts in façade lighting integration and industry leaders in the creation of bespoke lighting features, both indoors and outdoors.

    Image caption:Inverted Forest in Radisson Blu in Cyprus, designed by Illumination Physics| Image credit: Unseen Views/Charis Solomou Architectural Photography

    Image credit: UNSEEN VIEWS/Charis Solomou Architectural Photography

    Our mission is to put our unique skills and abilities to work by providing the perfect technical and creative solution as opposed to using ‘off the shelf’ options where “near enough” is not good enough. We provide seamless, complete packages of products and services including control systems.

    Bespoke light fixtures are pervasive within any illumination Physics lighting solution.

    Image caption: The exterior lighting show at Studio City, Macau, designed by illumination Physics

    The journey from concept to completion for an integrated lighting project can be long and arduous. Illumination Physics’ business model is designed around agility. The ability to rapidly design, prototype and price a new design is liberating for developers, architects, lighting and interior designers.

    We are atypical in the lighting business in that we can provide a complete suite of services as required – Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation and Testing & Commissioning. We can also provide content creation for animated displays and media walls.

    Our recent services for the Hotel and resort industry have included;

    • The realisation of lighting schemes for the grand entrances of hotel and casino resorts
    • The creation of illuminated ‘art walls’ as part of the façade of retail and resort edifices
    • Both integrated and indirect facade lighting for hotels
    • Complete façade lighting for entertainment and hospitality venues
    • The creation of special decorative lighting features within a venue, such as modern interpretations of chandeliers
    • Media walls

    We have disproven the popular industry dogma that custom design is more expensive, time consuming to manufacture or difficult to support. Our equipment makes use of the highest quality components. We are very efficient with value. Deliveries are generally with 60 days and we have supported our projects for more than a decade in many cases.

    Every building will present a unique challenge for the lighting designer, regardless of whether the edifice is a new construction or an existing retrofit. illumination Physics uses its extensive experience to provide feasibility analysis to designers and building owners to determine the possible lighting treatments, for now and in the near future. We are the specialists in customised lighting to suit your design needs.

    Conceiving of an innovative product application or creating a novel specification can be a daunting task, particularly so given the pace of change in the use of ‘Active Light’ and LEDs. Illumination Physics recognises that the perfect application will require a view of the future in most cases. As illumination Physics researches and develops its own offerings, the company is in a unique position to assist its customers in forward planning for technology evolution. illumination Physics is committed to creating lighting deigns that minimise energy consumption whilst providing an optimal visual outcome.

    In manufacturing we adhere to the principals of ROHS ensuring the use of environmentally safe and recyclable materials.

    Image caption: The Star Casino in Sydney, Australia

    From Australia to Shanghai, Europe to the Middle East and beyond, illumination Physics have a range of project references that illustrate our expertise in façade lighting integration. Positioned somewhere between artisans and mechanics, we endeavour to make a complex architectural lighting design more practical, sustainable, and cost effective.

    Illumination Physics has offices in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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