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    Ideal Standard International is a leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom products, with 100 per cent focus on bathroom and washroom solutions, their brand portfolio includes the two most recognised and respected bathroom brands in the United Kingdom, Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard.

    Armitage Shanks is a British institution, established in 1817 the Company have remained at the very forefront of innovation, whilst providing market leading, high quality products, which have been welcomed into hospitals, schools, businesses and homes for two centuries.

    Ideal Standard is synonymous with cutting edge design. With its long experience and history of design and innovation, the Company continues to invest in advanced technology, ensuring their products are functional, yet aesthetically pleasing.

    For many years they worked with award winning designers, Robin Levien RDI, Jasper Morrison, Seymour Powell and Roberto Palomba, to name but a few.  Ranges consist of a collection of products representing the latest technology and engineering from across Europe.  This dedication to design has established Ideal Standard the dominant brand in the residential and refurbishment sectors.

    Together they form the leading manufacturer of bathroom and washroom products in the country and have a strong presence in every sector of the construction market. These resources mean the Company are able to combine expertise and experience with the latest manufacturing technology to deliver a range of high quality, high performance products.

    Manufacturing excellence is their cornerstone. Knowing that their robust, products can withstand the day-to-day rigours is essential. The highest quality materials are used, each subjected to extensive life testing. The result is that the Company continually exceed all British and European standards and everything made comes with a comprehensive guarantee.

    Ideal Standard understand how valuable the right bathroom can be to both a hotel and its guests. The Company offers a comprehensive range of solutions that inspire and excite, are easy to maintain, and look good every day. There is no ‘one size fits all’ hotel bathroom solution. Ideal Standard can help with bathroom installations ranging from high-end guest rooms to spas to public washrooms.”

    Ideal Standard has recently opened its London Design and Specification Centre in the heart of Clerkenwell.  This has been created with architects and designers in mind, recognising that not only need practical information about products is needed but also somewhere to meet, network and research their projects. This space has been designed with openness and innovation in mind to encourage this. Visitors will also benefit from the insight and skills of their in-house design team, who can offer practical advice on the planning and designing of bathrooms for a vast range of projects including luxury hotels, offices, hospitals and residential properties.”

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