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    Art of bath.

    With its headquarters in Wisconsin, USA, and distribution across the globe, GRAFF is recognised worldwide for its trend-setting products and unique vision. Supported by extensive 100 per cent in-house manufacturing experience, GRAFF has positioned itself at the forefront of design, creating exquisite designer collections for the luxury market. Founded by Ziggy Kulig in 1982, its aim was to create avant-garde bathroom products that boast innovation, quality and unparalleled function – these values have underpinned GRAFF’s philosophy ‘The Art of Bath’ ever since.

    HARLEY NEW SCENE blue bath with gold lighting

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    The combination of European design inspiration and American ingenuity has driven GRAFF to manufacture unique products that inspire people to create their dream bathrooms. With a rich history of designer collaborations, working with some of the industry’s finest such as Davide Oppizzi, Angeletti Ruzza Design, Nespoli e Novara and G+Design Studio, its brassware and shower collections bring a new way of enjoying and experiencing water. Elevating the bathroom into a new dimension of wellness, all GRAFF’s products pay homage to one of our planet’s most precious natural resources.

    vignola bath with red and white walls

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    Combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge technology, all products are cast, polished and plated with the utmost precision and care. GRAFF is a truly 100 per cent in-house manufacturer, employing over 800 dedicated professionals. With each product designed, engineered, manufactured and inspected in-house, the company holds total control of every step in the design and manufacturing process. This enables it to offer unlimited customisation and design possibilities for its customers.

    Luna sleek bathroom solution

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    Its commitment to design excellence, quality and extensive product portfolio has resulted in GRAFF being specified by some of the world’s most prestigious hoteliers and superyacht designers. With notable projects including The Rosewood, Four Seasons and Raffles, GRAFF is synonymous with luxurious design.

    contemporary bathroom in mountains

    Image credit: GRAFF

    GRAFF manufacture is also actively green. From implementing ISO 14001 and meeting rigorous Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standards, to offering products that respect strict conservation standards, GRAFF is pioneering more sustainable consumption and eco design in the bathroom sector.

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