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    A FAMILY STORY – made of passion and soul. 

    Gessi is a synonym of exclusivity and style in the world of design. The company’s mission is to bring a sense of private wellness to everyday life through its water sculptures.  Water becomes a journey to wellbeing, the beauty of design bringing pleasure to the eyes.

    Gessi has created an iconic and unique style, and brings its distinctive designs to the most exclusive buildings around the world. The Gessi Collections transmit a message of timeless elegance and simplicity, combined with a typically minimalist style and maximum attention to detail.

    The inspiring principle behind the Gessi Collections is the power of naturally empathic pri­mary shapes that, in an original and iconic style, convey essential and evocative graphic symbols and transform everyday objects into small household sculptures. Combining vanguard technology and typical Italian craftsmanship, Gessi creates designs that achieve manufacturing excellence and reliability in an original integrated ecological mo­del of Made in Gessi.

    The company is a family story, born from the genius of founders Umberto Gessi and his son Gian Luca, who provides unprecedented technological innovation, iconic design, as well as solid principles of welfare and ecological respect.  All of which have enabled Gessi to beco­me a marvelous success story in the international design scene, generating growing intere­st from internationally renowned designers and architects around the world.

    THE EMOTION OF PRIVATE WELLNESS – wellness through a daily rite

    Gessi’s mission is to give a sensation of wellness every day, rebalancing the body through the power of water, and bringing serenity to the mind through the beauty of design.

    Image caption: Gessi G01 | Image credit: Gessi

    Gessi believes that innovating means fulfilling dreams and anticipating needs. Gessi pro­ducts are conceived with the people who will use them in mind, with the aspiration that the design, with its ability to instill art into consumer products, will enrich the living space, making the daily experience special and unique.

    Through its products, Gessi brings harmony to both the kitchen and the bathroom, which is certainly the most private space of the home and where we dedicate our precious time to finding our balance. It’s an evolution of the concept of wellbeing, with the firm belief that in order to be well, it must be a daily experience, and not reserved for just a few sporadic moments in life.

    “Gessi is the beauty of a daily gesture of wellbeing.”

    Gessi London House

    In July 2020, further to the success generated by the openings of “Casa Gessi” in Milan, Singapore, Dubai, Lohne, Riyadh and Shanghai, Gessi will inaugurate a new inspirational and experiential showroom in the heart of the London design district, Clerkenwell.

    The space, in a historic building, will once again become iconic and innovative: it will be a unique space dedicated to the Italian style and taste, a place of meeting and creative exchan­ge.

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