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    Ever since its foundation in 1849, Backhausen has been renowned for the production of high-end woven textiles. Craftsmanship, heritage, individuality and sustainability form the foundation of the brand.

    All of Backhausen’s fabrics are manufactured in Hoheneich, located in the Waldviertel region of Austria, with a continuous focus on premium quality, aesthetics and natural fibres, together with innovative designs from its extensive archive.

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    The Waldviertel region is known for its know-how in woven textiles. The experience and skills from its employees, passed down from generation to generation, alongside the modern weaving technology that allows Backhausen to maintain its high levels of craftsmanship. In addition, having its own mill contributes to being exceptionally reliable, flexible and innovative through its production, entrepreneurship and customer relationships.

    Throughout its 171 years, Backhausen is synonymous with exciting collaborations ranging from avantgarde artists to prize-winning fashion designers exhibiting their collections at fashion shows.

    Backhausen’s identity includes more than 5000 original patterns and designs from artists of the Art Nouveau and Wiener Werkstätte era, including Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser. These archives, which are protected and integral to Austria’s heritage, are the largest in the world from that period in history. The careful preservation and cataloging of these designs and the modern production facilities at Hoheneich ensure authenticity.

    Sustainability became of high significance for Backhausen, transitioning to innovative designs and taking a closer look at the materials and processes that are being used. The use of the finest natural fibres is a clear statement of quality and sustainability. Backhausen’s textile designs illustrates that top quality combined with innovative entrepreneurship, can be achieved in places where people work together as a team.

    Besides its strong legacy and its romantic past, Backhausen’s fabrics represent strength, durability, sustainability, high performance and design carrying the necessary properties and certifications for upholstery, drapery and home textiles, for residential and contract use.

    Image credit: Backhausen

    In addition to its extensive fabric collections, Backhausen invites designers, in partnership with the Backhausen studio, to create their own aspired custom-made textiles. Translating unique visions into fabrics. This bespoke service is tailored to individual requests starting from 50rm onwards, assuring Backhausen’s values of craftsmanship, individuality, sustainability and top quality in every woven fabric manufactured in Austria.

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