Jacu Strauss, Creative Director, Lore Group

    Episode 35: Storytelling in Design

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    On the first show of series 5 of DESIGN POD, Sponsored by EquipHotel, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper talks to Jacu Strauss, Creative Director at LORE Group, about the storytelling process of hotel design to get a better understanding of how forming a narrative directly impacts the guest experience…

    Jacu Strauss is, by his own admission, a serial country dweller and culture seeker… this has opened his eyes to a number of fascinating local communities and the stories to which they relate – which is why he considers storytelling such an integral part of the design process for hotel projects.

    Speaking about the storied design projects he has directed, Jacu tells us how he lived in Amsterdam to soak up the local atmosphere whilst working on Pulitzer Amsterdam and in the ‘States whilst working on Riggs Washington DC.

    He describes the buildings’ historic relevance and the stories already imbedded within their walls, and what his go-to is when a building doesn’t offer up immediate inspiration.

    We also discuss the features that make a hotel special and memorable, and how in turn that makes its staff and guests feel. Storytelling is, after all, an inherently human trait of connection and familiarity offering a sense of intrigue and experience whilst giving us a level of safety and comfort.

    DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by EquipHotel, produced by Kevin Lines, and hosted by Sophie Harper.

    Main image credit: LORE Group