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    Episode 36: The Art of Creating Timeless Design Within an Ever-Changing Landscape

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    On the second show of series 5 of DESIGN POD, Sponsored by EquipHotel, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper talks to Tatiana Sheveleva, from Chapi Chapo Design Inc., about the art of creating timeless design within an ever-changing landscape and Tatiana tells us about some of her latest design projects…

    Tatiana Sheveleva comes from a diverse background that has shaped where she is today. Moving to the United States of America opened her eyes to interior design, where she made a massive career move to be part of the beauty she saw in front of her.

    She talks about the definition of luxury and what that meant to her, and how we can use timeless details to bring together design, both in interiors and in fashion. If it’s not comfortable and it’s not beautiful, it’s not timeless design. We discuss how to bring timeless design to multiple generations, especially in a world that moves as fast as ours does today.

    DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by EquipHotel, produced by Kevin Lines, and hosted by Sophie Harper.

    Main image credit: Tatiana Sheveleva