Casa di Langa

    Andre Straja talks about creating the perfect vision

    Episode 40: Creating the Perfect Vision

    1024 640 Sophie Harper

    In the sixth episode of series five of DESIGN POD, sponsored by EquipHotel, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper catches up with Founder and Principal at Goring and Straja (GaS) Studio, Andre Straja, about the mechanics of crafting and delivering the perfect design vision – especially when reality kicks in…

    Andre Straja describes himself as a ‘cultural chameleon and professional immigrant’ – born in Romania, he then moved to Quebec, then Texas, then California before going back to his European roots and settling in Milan.

    He brings logic and acute understanding of what makes a luxury experience to his designs, and in this episode he talks about the reality of delivering that all-important five-star experience where landscape plays a major role in the hotel architecture.

    Straja talks about one of the studio’s recent projects, Casa di Langa, in Piedmont, Italy and the intricacies of the design and impact of the site.

    He tells us more about his career and his views on the design world in general, believing if we want to know what’s in store for the future of design, we should refer to the past…


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