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    Are we seeing an Art Deco renaissance?

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    We have seen something of a revival in the golden age of Art Deco design. Building on this influence, the Newmor Studio is introducing their interpretation in six elegant and contemporary custom designs which can be recoloured, rescaled, and printed to any of our wallcoverings. Deco Block Packing a real punch, this adaptable design works […]

    Deutsche Hospitality launches MAXX by Steingenberger

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    Deutsche Hospitality is presenting a new hotel brand. MAXX by Steigenberger will be joining Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, Jaz in the City and IntercityHotel in its portfolio in future. The group launched its new Deutsche Hospitality umbrella brand just under 18 months ago with the intention of instigating further hotel brands. This latest addition represents […]