B&B HOTELS makes its move into the UK

The successful European value-for-money hotel chain, B&B HOTELS, has taken a significant step towards fulfilling its ambitious growth plans in the United Kingdom with the takeover of a hotel located at Heathrow, London. Here’s what we know…

bar with wooden chairs and industrial style lighting in B&B HOTELS Paris

Founded in Brest in 1990, B&B HOTELS is one of the most important economic hotel groups in Europe. It has a network with more than 770 hotels in 17 countries in Europe, Brazil and the U.S. Having announced its expansion into the United Kingdom in late 2022, the takeover represents a milestone in the group’s growth strategy, setting the stage for further investment in the UK market. The brand’s ambition is to become a key player in the British hospitality sector, specifically in the economy/budget hotel segment.

hotel guestroom with brown chair and grey throw on bed with view over Milan

Image credit: B&B HOTELS

“Our successful growth model and commitment to value for our guests have made us a beloved brand across Europe, and we’re excited to bring that same experience to guests in the UK,” commented  Fabrice Collet, President & Chief Executive Officer of B&B HOTELS. “We are accelerating our development in all the countries we are already in while continuing to establish ourselves in new markets. We aim to become the leader in sustainable value-for-money hotels with an ambition of 3,000 hotels within 10 years.”

hotel guestroom in Milan with yellow curtain and mural behind the bed

Image credit: B&B HOTELS

“Looking ahead, the UK team remains committed to forging partnerships with existing hotel owners, developers, landowners, funds and real estate owners to realise its expansion plans,” said Patrick O’Connell, Chief Executive of B&B HOTELS UK, commenting on the deal. “By leveraging local expertise and strategic collaborations, we aim to establish a robust presence in the UK hospitality market and create memorable experiences for guests nationwide.”

“We are delighted to confirm that B&B HOTELS have agreed a long-term lease for one of our Heathrow properties,” added Sanjay Arora, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Property at the Arora Group. “Arora Park Hotel was originally built and operated as a British Airways crew accommodation hotel before converting to a hotel serving all market segments. The building, facilities and its proximity to Heathrow Airport, lends itself as an ideal economy hotel and we are confident that B&B HOTELS will do a fantastic job in repositioning the property as one of the best value for money accommodation offering in Heathrow. We have enjoyed our interaction with the brand and look forward to working with them on possible future projects.”

Positioned in the value-for-money segment, B&B HOTELS is recognised for its ability to deliver exceptional value to guests while maintaining operational excellence.

Main image credit: B&B HOTELS