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    Company Spotlight: Viero – there for your surfaces needs…

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    The Viero UK team like to make all of their clients feel special. That’s why our range of surface designs span way beyond the traditional Italian finishes that you may be accustomed to. Some of our strongest client relationships have been born from creating something unique for their projects. Our design studio is filled with […]

    Guest Blog: Viero – the benefits of using lime plasters and paints

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    Viero’s clients often ask why they are so passionate about recommending and specifying our range of lime-based plasters and paints, the answer is so simple it’s difficult… The qualities of lime are so far-reaching that pinpointing just one to talk about can often be a challenge. In another instalment of our blog exploring our admiration […]

    Client Spotlight: Viero UK’s work with Faux Creation

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    It’s time for another edition of Viero’s ‘meet the clients’ feature where we enter into the inspiring world of our good friends at Faux Creation. Led by Jason Ebers, a well-respected artisan in the specialist decoration community for his application, professionalism and fresh perspective on old world techniques, his team offers great creative input into […]

    Viero increasing its global presence

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    It’s easy to see that traditional Italian plaster is emerging as a worldwide trend. As well as our growing portfolio here in the UK, the Viero brand is very much increasing its global presence. Just this year, six new showrooms have opened for business. Established in 1967, the company has a great history and tradition […]

    Client Spotlight: Viero and DKT Artworks working together…

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    Viero UK is proud to partner with some of the most creative studios in the world of surface design. DKT Artworks, based in south west London, has a reputation for producing some of the finest sculptures, murals, trompe l’oeil, decorative designs and polished plasters. Our relationship spans back more than twenty years, in which time […]

    Project Spotlight: A flying finish for Viero at Manchester Airport

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    After a busy few weeks, our latest project is finally ready for take off at Manchester Airport. We’ve been busy applying a selection of bespoke surface finishes in the executive areas of Manchester Airport’s revamped Terminal 3. “We were tasked by the interior design agency to create a runway theme along the corridor leading in […]

    Product Spotlight: Marmorin Sand from Viero

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    Can you believe it’s March already? Where is 2017 going? If like us you’ve had a busy start to the year and don’t know where the time is going, we’ve got another product of the month case study to inspire your creative flair. This month we’re showcasing one of Viero’s more traditional surface finishes. It’s […]

    Project Spotlight: Viero at Mori Sushi, Dubai

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    Viero is proud of its status as a truly global brand. A recently completed Marmorin Hydro project has seen our luxury surface finishes arrive in Dubai. The first Mori Sushi restaurant in the UAE’s city is styled superbly with the movement and textures offered by the product. Accompanied by some excellent other interior touches based […]

    Client Spotlight: Viero’s work with Henry Van Der Vijver

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    The lifeblood of any successful business is good quality clients. Viero UK is fortunate to have many. During our time in the industry, we have partnered with some of the most fantastic creatives in the world of surface designs. To celebrate our collaborative approach to business, we have launched a new feature to introduce our […]

    Competition: Viero UK – rewarding loyalty

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    When it comes to loyal customers, Viero UK always likes to say thank you. That’s why this year we’re offering a generous reward for the clients that keep coming back to us time and time again.We acknowledge and appreciate the great faith our customers put in us to continue specifying and applying our products. Up […]

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