World’s Largest Spa Complex – Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs and Spa

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    SB Architects and the Mission Hills Group are pleased to announce the completion of Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs and Spa, one of the world’s largest spa destination, on the Northern coast of China’s Hainan Island. The spa and volcanic mineral springs comprise a major component of Mission Hills ▪ Haikou, a five-star resort offering a wide range of wellness, leisure, recreation, entertainment and dining experiences including 10 renowned golf courses. Mission Hills Volcanic Mineral Springs and Spa is home to the largest natural springs reserve in the region, and measures an incredible 950,000 square-feet. The magnificent Spa at Mission Hills is the central defining feature of the expansive mineral springs complex. It is surrounded by 473,000 square-feet of lushly landscaped gardens, 168 springs and water features, and treatment venues inspired by the five continents – Asia, Oceania, North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa – which comprise the Volcanic Mineral Springs. Twenty-nine luxurious Spa Villas provide an intimate and exclusive sanctuary for residents and guests seeking longer-term solace.

    The Spa
    The iconic main spa structure is comprised of soaring, semi-circular bamboo, rising from a massive lava stone base that is slightly canted to increase its sense of grandeur. The soaring sense of verticality imposed by the sustainable bamboo makes a powerful design statement, while the use of locally-abundant lava stone and bamboo firmly grounds the design in the nature and topography of Hainan Island.

    Featuring 61 well-appointed spa treatment suites, the Spa takes its design inspiration from the traditional Hakka Earthen Fortress Villages of Southern China. These distinctive communal structures—historically used for defense and communal living—have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their unique contribution to the history of building and human settlement. The space fuses both western and oriental design elements in their most refined form while honoring the long-standing Chinese philosophies of balance and harmony.

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    Daniel Fountain / 01.12.2011

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