Versatile Lighting from FW Lighting with ‘The Block’

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    The Block vertical and horizontal range of indoor and outdoor lighting has IP55 water ingress protection. In this line of products the “Lecce stone” obtained from Ashlar block is structural, thus the material acquires great impact and presence. Six light options are available including metal halide, to address a wide range of illumination needs.The union of materials offered by Nature and common to all mankind makes each and every object born of Ca’ Belli unique. Thus the creation of Nature combined with the creativity of our designers reach out to all our senses, and the primeval and cultural roots that are part of our DNA.

    Made in Italy, Ca’ Belli has always used natural materials from various regions of Italy, processed by craftsmen who have passed down the trade from generation to generation, likewise, glass processing that has not changed over time and the blowpipe technique is still used by us today.

    Ca’ Belli has also gained a unique understanding of stone based on design, materials and abilities, enabling us to start from an innovative concept and obtain objects that can be introduced in projects of varying dimensions. Our standard selection will meet most needs but there are projects that have characteristics that are so unique that they need specially designed luminaries. These “specials” often come from ideas of the client or architect, so together we define, design and utilise materials and light sources to create the object demand.

    Our future is based on materials, innovation and design. This formula sums up Ca’ Belli’s work. Our team always involves craftsmen, designers and experts in a sort of creativity workshop that is our essence and the core of Made in Italy.

    Please visit FW Lighting’s website to see many more unique designs and to order your copy of the 2011 Ca’ belli catalogue.

    Daniel Fountain / 03.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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