Style in the Ukraine’s for First Starwood Hotel

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    JOI-Design has recently completed the interior design of the first Starwood hotel in the Ukraine. The flagship Four Points by Sheraton Zaporozhye is a stylish new hotel located along the banks of the Dnieper River in one of the Ukraine’s largest cities. The designers’ aim was to honour and interpret the region’s rich heritage through a fresh, contemporary lens fit for the booming economic and cultural growth of this important industrial centre and transportation hub. As a result, natural materials such as warm timber and locally-sourced stone are prevalent, and traditional patterns have been implemented from a modern perspective.Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by the sunflower, a folklore symbol representing the Ukraine’s fertile lands. Overhead, an abstraction of this motif shines down in the form of a chandelier crafted from glass balls in both clear and golden hues, while underfoot; a magnified reflection of the flower’s petals appears in the pattern of the cream marble floor. Overall, the lobby sparkles with a sophisticated elegance.

    Following the lines of the lobby’s curved shell are two sweeping staircases with lit marble steps that cast an ethereal glow to create drama and intrigue. And the traditional Ukrainian colour pairing of blue and yellow has been harmoniously translated in the design of a sleek reception desk graced with backlit frosted panels and a gilded woven screen reminiscent of the compact florets within a large sunflower blossom.

    This colour duo also extends to the other public areas through accents such as the cushions on the plush, tawny leather sofas and lounge chairs in the library, wine bar and café.

    “Flavors” restaurant has a natural feel, using contrasting tones of light and dark walnut timber to create a connection with the Ukraine’s moniker as the “Bread Basket of Europe”, earned due to the region’s rich soils and abundant agricultural harvests. The sunflower shape appears again, at both the frosted glass entry door as well as in the marble inlay in the oak planks which elegantly wind through the restaurant to form the circulation areas. Fresh celadon green cushions, flaxen wallcovering and glowing pendant lights all help create a warm and relaxing dining atmosphere. Modern paintings illustrate folkloric figures, tying together the design’s overall concept and demonstrating once again how tradition and modernity can be stylishly merged.

    Daniel Fountain / 20.03.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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