Rada’s V12 revs up the style and safety in equal measure

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    Suitable for all healthcare, leisure and multi-residential applications, the V12 shower and diverter range from Rada offers the design conscious specifier all the aesthetic appeal of contemporary shower controls, but with the build quality and safety features necessary in a non-domestic environment.A natural successor to the popular and trusted Meynell V8, the new V12 raises the bar for safety among showering controls. It features Rada’s ground-breaking InsutechTM safe-to-touch technology, which reduces the temperature of the hot inlet so there is no risk of accidental scalding. Safe hot water is delivered consistently and safely thanks to the TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve, making it entirely suitable for hospital and care home environments.

    The V12’s ergonomic design includes a light-touch sequential control – simpler to use for those with reduced grip – that rotates around a fixed temperature ring that has clear, permanent graphics that are easily understood.

    Healthcare guidelines recommend that each shower is serviced every six months – an onerous task in a large hospital – so Rada has designed the V12 to cut maintenance to the minimum. The filters can be reached without it being necessary to remove the valve from the wall and the single-piece, factory-tested, cartridge is easily replaced in minutes.

    Installation is made simple too, as the V12 is designed for either surface mounting or as built-in installation complete with easily accessible isolators, filters and check valves. The V12 offers the choice of a top or bottom outlet together with a comprehensive set of fittings so that it can be installed as either a fixed shower head or flexible shower kit without reversing the body.

    For extra convenience and flexibility the V12 diverter enables the user to switch between shower heads, for example between a standard fixed shower head and a hand held unit, which is a great solution for applications such as assisted showering.

    With the launch of the V12 shower, Rada is reclaiming its showering heritage while offering a contemporary take on style, safety and performance.

    Daniel Fountain / 15.01.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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