National Bed Month: Hypnos’ Top Tips for Buying a Bed

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    An average person spends over 20,000 hours (up to a third of their lives) in bed, and every year up to 40% of the population (over 16 million of us) will suffer a bout of back pain.

    March will see the return of National Bed Month, an annual awareness campaign from the Sleep Council highlighting the importance of a better night’s sleep to health and wellbeing.

    To achieve a quality sleep, you need a quality bed that is right for you, providing you with a good level of support and comfort. When choosing a bed, it’s important to take some time and effort to choose the best option available to you.James Keen, Retail Sales Director, Hypnos offers his top tips on choosing the right bed for optimum sleep quality and comfort.


    “We always recommend that people should go and try it before they buy; it’s surprising how many people don’t actually do this. While spending a lot of money on a new bed may seem daunting at first, a well made and well-maintained bed will last for years.

    “Always remember to test out a range of beds to discover if you like your mattress firm or super soft. Finding out what works for you is the first step towards a great night’s sleep. If you’re sharing the bed, try them out together – what suits one person won’t necessarily suit another.

    “Size matters. You should be able to lie side by side with your arms behind your head and your elbows out without touching. Ideally your bed should be about 15cm longer than the taller user.

    “When trying a bed, you should lie down in your normal sleeping position and make some turns for at least 10 minutes. Don’t forget to remove your coat and shoes and make yourself feel relaxed and comfortable.

    “There is a simple check you can carry out to discover whether your current mattress is too hard or soft – simply slide your hand under the small of your back. If your hand fits easily between your back and the mattress, it may be too firm. However if your hand cannot fit under your back at all, it may be too soft.

    “In the current market, there are various types of mattress to choose from. Hypnos specialises in handmade pocket sprung mattresses and we believe that a pocket sprung mattress will give the most comfortable night’s sleep.

    “A pocket sprung mattress is designed to actively minimise pressure points on the body, helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension, which in turn allows muscles to relax. The independent movement of each individual pocket spring means that the mattress will mould itself to your body, leading to a natural alignment of your spine.

    ‘A single pocket spring, rather than multiple layers of pocket springs, also creates a “bellow-like” affect that drives cool air around the mattress, making it a more hygienic option. The extra breathability ensures better ventilation, helping to reduce body moisture and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

    “In terms of the fillings used, Hypnos mattresses contain different combinations of natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, Alpaca, Mohair, latex, horse hair and silver, which ensure that each mattress is not only supremely comfortable and supportive but also breathable – promoting healthy air flow, regulating body temperature and reducing body moisture, while repelling allergens.


    “For the best foundation to any bed, we recommend choosing a divan along with your mattress in order to get the maximum level of comfort.

    “There is a choice between a traditional deep divan base and a more modern shallow base. Hypnos advises a sprung divan, as it offers additional deep comfort and extra support.

    “Choosing a divan also means that customers can make a personal design statement by specially selecting their preferred headboard design, upholstery fabric and choosing which feet they would like, perfectly matching any interior.

    “A further bonus is the prospect of adding hidden storage drawers within the divan, saving valuable space in the bedroom.


    “Don’t forget to turn your mattress – many people forget to do this, but modern sprung mattresses employ thicker layers of natural upholstery materials to provide comfort and the feeling of plushness which gives you support and a really good nights’ sleep. Over time, sleeping on them every night, these layers will naturally compress to form to your body, which is why we recommend turning your mattress with the seasons, to restore the comfort get the best quality sleep.

    “The health benefits of a good night’s rest are well documented, such as better posture, looking younger and being more efficient and productive at work, so a good bed is always worth the investment. To further reinforce the confidence we have in our own beds, Hypnos offers its customers a 10-year guarantee.”

    Daniel Fountain / 24.02.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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