Miniview: The Grange St Paul’s London

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    The St Paul’s Grange Hotel is perfectly located in the heart of London, in the heart of the City and its businesses. The location seems to have been central to the idea behind the hotel, which is targeted at the corporate market whilst situated adjacent to St Paul’s cathedral.On entering the hotel guests are greeted with a large spiral screen that descends from the top floor. This visual element attracts the eye and shows that the hotel is equipped with the latest technology. For conferences in the hotel the screen can adapt any coporate logo or visuals that businesses working within the hotel would like during their conference.

    There is a corporate feel to styling carried on throughout the reception area, where colours of brown and red are subtle yet sophisticated without being overly extravagant. The reception area has a large desk which allows a large number of staff members to check guests in and out at the same time.

    Leading off the reception is the atrium, which has a ceiling that is the height of the entire hotel, some seven floors or so. The roof is made out of glass and the far wall is also glass panelling, allowing as much sunlight as possible to pour in through the windows, creating a light and airy dining and socialising area.

    Daniel Fountain / 27.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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