Louvre Hotels Group signs partnership with Ecole de Savignac as part of Corporate University, “U”

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    Louvre Hotels Group, Europe’s second largest hotel group, has announced the signature of a partnership with the Ecole Internationale Supérieure de Savignac as part of its Corporate University, “U” (pronounced You), launched in September 2012. Ranked N°1 in Hospitality Management MBAs in France, 3rd in Europe after the famous Swiss colleges at Lausanne and Glion (Source: Capital, February 2011) and in the top 10 of the highly respected SMBG ranking, Savignac is one of the leading centres for initial training for the hotel, restaurant, tourism and event management industries, with a total of 356 students in 2012.

    Under this unique partnership with Savignac, the Corporate University of Louvre Hotels Group, “U”, will offer the certified training course “Louvre Hotels Group Business & Service Management Certificate” to a dozen selected hotel managers from November 2012.

    This extended course reflects Louvre Hotels Group’s ambition to turn to training so as to support its rapid development in France and around the world, whilst providing specific responses for each area of the profession. The “Louvre Hotels Group Business & Service Management Certificate” seeks to improve access to strategic positions for hotel managers in larger establishments, head office functions, group-wide projects and international postings. This certified training is also a means of encouraging internal promotion and developing the talent on which the Group will rely in the future.

    The “Louvre Hotels Group Business & Service Management Certificate” will cover a number of targeted themes to help prepare high-potential hotel managers for greater responsibility, including financial management, commercial management, yield management, management of cultural diversity and performance through innovation, which is a key and inherent notion in the values of the Louvre Hotels Group and its Corporate University “U”.

    The training will take the form of six seminars run by top speakers, many of them drawn from the Ecole de Savignac. It will last for 304 hours, or 38 days over the course of a year.

    Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, Chairman of Louvre Hotels Group, said at a press conference: “We are delighted in this partnership with the prestigious Ecole de Savignac, which will provide our hotel managers with high-quality training so that they can take on greater responsibility and, in their turn, ensure the future development of the Group and all its staff.”

    Gérard Landat, Head of the Council of Ecole de Savignac, added: “This agreement with Louvre Hotels Group is particularly important for the Ecole de Savignac, marking our first move into continuous professional development.”

    Daniel Fountain / 28.11.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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