Leisure and Hospitality is the ‘Marmite’ sector for private equity

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    Forty per cent of mid-market private equity houses think that valuations in the leisure and hospitality industries will continue to drop over the next 24 months and one third of private equity houses ranked them in the bottom three sectors for attracting investment activity, according to new research among private equity managers by corporate finance advisers at BDO LLP.But there are plenty of enthusiastic investors who are emerging from the recession with a contrarian view. Nearly one in five private equity houses rank hospitality in their top three sectors for enjoying the highest growth in M&A valuations.

    Will Baxter, Corporate Finance Director, BDO LLP said, “Private equity are preparing for huge ramp up in investment activity with over 90 per cent saying they need to increase the rate of investments and close more deals. But leisure and hospitality is the Marmite sector. Buyers and investors either love it or hate it. Knowing the right investors to discuss M&A with is essential.”

    Baxter continued, “PE managers say the sales of their older investments were unsustainably low in 2009, with most citing delays of between one and two years, but the forecast for the next 18 months heralds a resurgence of exit activity growing by 53 per cent next year and 76 per cent in 2012.

    “With high demand for deals now evident and the emergence of a core of enthusiastic investors in the leisure and hospitality space, owners of growing businesses who are quicker to bring their business to market may get a better price because if they beat the rush next year they will get special attention.”

    Daniel Fountain / 23.03.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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