Hotelstock – Wellstock’s offspring takes flight

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    • 0 decided the hospitality side of our software deserved its own identity. For all the latest detail and our whitepaper you can now go to and see what we do specifically for your industry.The HOTELSTOCK portfolio provides Project Budget Creation, Online Supplier Tendering, Purchase/Service Order Creation, Logistics Management, Progress Tracking, Valuation and Performance Reporting, Asset Management and Re-ordering.

    See WELLCOST, our Project and Budget Creation and Management solution in our video demonstration here.

    As well as our new website we’ve launched a new initiative. Instead of offering just tailor-made or just off-the-shelf software we’ve taken an in-depth look into making bespoke and turnkey work together. This will shorten lead times and massively reduce disruption during the whole process. You can see further details here.

    There are also new options on some applications giving you more flexible budgeting choices. A modest initial fee, and monthly subscription, will allow access to your own database, hosted securely on our Web Servers.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.04.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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