Florinda – Blooming Big Lights that make a big impression

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    Big spaces are sometimes hard to light and probably harder still to fill with decorative lighting in the correct proportions. Often large atriums are filled with nothing more than a decorative sculpture, poorly lit, or a swarm of smaller lights to fill the space rather than something more befitting of the actual space. Florinda light shades from design-conscious are available as Pendant and Ceiling fit models, the range starts with a single shade and a triple shade, and then getting larger with 2 sizes that have a central light source surrounded by a halo of shades reminiscent of a daisy with the petals of the flower around the central disc, hence the name.

    The Florinda 6 measures almost 1 metre diameter and the largest Florinda 12 measures a whopping 1.5 metres diameter yet still manages to look elegant and sophisticated with her hand finished Plisse fabric shade which is available in a choice of colours that encompass classic and fashionable tones from a simple white and cream to, rich red & bold purple through to more tradition heritage colours of tobacco brown.

    Florinda is part of our extensive collection of light shades, which offers a wide choice of styles, sizes and colours that will be sure to have something to fit almost any space and requirement.

    Offering continuity of the materials across the range, from big feature lights to small table lights and wall lights, all models can be mix and matched, meaning you can complete a full scheme harmoniously by mixing shapes, sizes and fabrics of the shades making perfect finishing decorative elements to your interior design schemes whilst also choosing appropriate light sources.

    So, if you have a big space that needs our big lights, take a look at our PDF Brochure or drop us a little line to find out more.

    Please feel free to contact us for further information, www.design-conscious.co.uk

    Daniel Fountain / 08.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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