Experience Plug & Play Connectivity and Wireless Music Streaming at iBAHN’s iSUITE Demo Guestroom

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    TeleAdapt, the global supplier of connectivity products to the hotel industry, is delighted to announce that their MediaHub HD guest connectivity panel is now a part of iBAHN’s iSUITE, a new product demonstration facility located at their EMEA headquarters in Reading, United Kingdom. Hoteliers can now visit iSUITE to personally experience the easy-to-use plug & play personalized media options and wireless music streaming that MediaHub HD adds to guest in-room entertainment.

    TeleAdapt’s MediaHub HD gives hotel guests a means to enjoy their personal music playlists, movie rentals and downloads, video games and photo slideshows on the in-room flat panel TV.

    iBAHN decided to integrate MediaHub HD’s plug & play connectivity into their interactive TV programming to make it intuitive for the guest to use, with easy to follow on-screen guest instructions for plugging their portable electronics in to the panel.

    EMEA, iBAHN, managing director, Graeme Powell said: “iSUITE has been designed to allow our customers to experience at first hand the best possible in-room sensation based on our implementation of IP technologies, applications and services.”

    “We included the TeleAdapt MediaHub HD to add the flexibility for guests to enjoy their own content as well as the digital entertainment provided by the hotel.”

    iBAHN has engineered the back-end functionality of their digital content system to communicate with MediaHub HD, resulting in a dummy-proof experience for the guest – simply plug in an iPod, laptop or other portable device and the iBAHN system will automatically switch the TV display from the interactive system to the personal device content; unplug to return to TV mode. This auto-switching plug & play feature is also on display in iSUITE.

    Furthermore, iBAHN simplified MediaHub HD’s Bluetooth® wireless music streaming amenity. Simple on-screen step-by-step pairing instructions make it easy for guests to play music playlists from their iPods, iPhones or other MP3-playing smartphones without using a cable or dock.

    Hoteliers visiting iSUITE can experience wireless music streaming, and the freedom of controlling their playlists from anywhere in the guestroom.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.06.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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