Brenners Park Hotel & Spa unveils ‘Villa Stephanie’ Medical Care Partners

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    This Spring will see the opening of Villa Stephanie – Europe’s most impressive and innovative new spa in the foothills of the Black Forest in Baden Baden (Germany). The new ultra deluxe extension to Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa will focus on four distinct areas combining beauty, detox, emotional and medical care over an impressive 5000m2 of interior space.Within this and connected to Villa Stephanie is the 1700 m2 Haus Julius – a dedicated centre to medical care offering a complete spectrum of traditional and modern diagnostic techniques and therapies. Overseen by Brenners Park Spa Manager Hans Peter Veit, Villa Stephanie and Haus Julius together will offer a holistic approach to wellbeing and healthcare, which combines long-term expertise with customised programmes to provide the epitome of individually tailored care. The aim is to offer long-term medical care as well as one off treatments and programmes for guests.
    The 1700 metre2 Haus Julius will offer a variety of services from some of Germany’s top experts focusing on specialist areas including Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Cardiology, Dermatology, GP, Gynaecology, Neurology, Nutritional coaching, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Osteopathy, ENT-Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Preventative health check ups, Psychotherapy, Radiology and Urology.

    Experts will include; Dr Harry F. König – a specialist in holistic healthcare such as regenerative and detoxification treatments, organ cell therapy and biological therapy for malignant diseases; Dr Marcus Beschnidt – a specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry including prosthetics, implantology, dental hygiene, prosthetics and periodontics; Professor Frank Faude – a specialist Ophthalmologist covering cataract surgery, age-related macular regeneration and treatment of all glaucoma including surgical intervention and Dr Petra Dehm, a specialist in gynaecology, midwifery and naturopathic treatments for menopausal complaints and fertility treatment and an expert in therapies for hormonal problems, electrochemical therapy and ear acupuncture. There is even an ‘ias PREVENT’ health check-up under Dr Reinhold Busch and Dr Manfred Jaeschke – two of the top specialists in preventative medicine who focus on narrative-based medicine coupled with the latest medical diagnostic practices, complete internal diagnostic techniques and comprehensive laboratory analysis.

    As well as the wide variety of treatments on offer, the medical partners will also work closely with top national practices in Europe to assure after care and recuperation as well as health check-ups for those guests who seek to maintain optimal wellbeing.

    Crucially for the kind of treatments and services on offer, Villa Stephanie comprises three spectacular suites with their own spa suite for relaxation as well as for in-room therapies as well as 12 deluxe double rooms. In addition to a 500m2 sauna, kneipping bath, private fitness center, hammam, Ladies Sauna, private park and sunken garden, there will also be a plunge pool ideal for rehabilitation measures. There will also be QPNT nutrition coaching, weight loss and detox programmes and performance diagnostics -body analysis, lactate measurement – as well as a unique physiotherapy concept in a 200sqm Physio Practice. These areas will be overseen by qualified specialists, medically-trained masseurs, beauticians, sports scientists and experts in the field of healthy nutrition.

    The Haus Julius building itself is seeped in historical tradition as a place of medical care. In the 1920s, a number of medical professionals had their practices in the impressive corner house and even prior to this, from 1863 to 1913, it was the residence of the long-serving head of the town’s hospital, Dr Julius Baumgärtner.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.01.2014

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