Boujis’ latest venture in Hong Kong

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    Exporting the British design style overseas to Hong Kong, Blacksheep have designed Boujis members club, bringing a modern interpretation of traditional British style and heritage to the eastern metropolis.Opened in October 2012, the distinguished Boujis members club is set within the Soho district and encapsulates the British design aesthetic, implementing Georgian inspired decoration and traditional furniture.

    The wooden library style club reception area is encased with decorative timber wall panels, which are complemented by soft lighting. The designers have designed a bespoke wall covering made from wooden cut out graphic lettering of different sizes fused together, creating a mix of alphabet symbols.

    Stained deep blue timber panelling on the walls and ceiling lead into the lounge and bar area, creating a deeply relaxing environment for early afternoons and stylish setting for late evenings. The Georgian pattern featured ceiling further implements the British heritage into the club, modernized with LED lighting inserted in the panelling, which disperses a light neon glow.

    The graphic design of a union jack subtly glows out from a gold smoked mirror set within the bar, paying homage to the club’s country of origin. The glowing backdrop of the bar also displays a variety of indulgent ingredients used to create Boujis’ famous cocktails.

    Deep luxurious turquoise banquette seating lines the edges of the room, adding to the glamorous and sophisticated interior.

    The club, leading off the lounge, is a spacious area that mixes high tech AV and large bespoke, state of the art HD video screens on the ceiling and walls enabling a different experience for members every evening. A VIP area is set off the end of the bar, away from the crowd, with intimate curved seating and an additional lounge space.

    Blacksheep’s CEO, Tim Mutton comments, “The mix of local tradition, philosophy, manufacture, and luxury has always fascinated me and the bright lights of Hong Kong and the energy that it emulates is aspirational for any designer in hospitality.

    Exporting the famous Boujis nightclub from London to Hong Kong has been an exciting project with various challenges and a key part was complementing its new location whilst injecting the British aesthetic and charm”

    Daniel Fountain / 27.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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