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Mitre Linen announces shortlist for Room Attendant of the Year

Hamish Kilburn

Recommended Supplier Mitre Linen aims to celebrate the key role room attendants play in any hotel experience…

The shortlist for the UK’s inaugural Room Attendant of the Year Awards was announced today, with six exceptional finalists selected based upon their impeccable room standards and outstanding dedication to work.

“Mitre Linen decided to launch and sponsor the Room Attendant of the Year Awards to give well-deserved recognition to the key role room attendants play in the smooth running and guests’ experience of a hotel,” said Mitre Linen’s general manager Kate Gough. “We received dozens of entries from all over the UK and it was extremely difficult to whittle the list down to just six as there were so many excellent potential finalists. On behalf of the team at Mitre Linen, I’d like to congratulate all of those room attendants who made the shortlist and thank everyone who entered.  We now have the very tough task of selecting a winner and runner-up, who will be announced in October.  Luckily, we have Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action on the panel to help and we look forward to reviewing the entries of these amazing six room attendants.”

The Room Attendant of the Year 2018 shortlist:

Anna Lupton – Carr House Farm B&B, York
Erten Azis – Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Hampshire
Tadeusz Janeczek – Chilston Park Hotel, Kent
Maureen Chapman – Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire
Carole Kidd – The Woburn Hotel, Bedfordshire
Rhiannon Stephens – Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Pembrokeshire

Established in 1946, Mitre Linen is based in Merthyr Tydfil in beautiful Wales.  Having provided the hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and laundry industries with the best quality bed linen, bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for over 70 years, Mitre Linen is proud to have held HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955.

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Porter24 leads hotel industry’s digital transformation

800 598 Hamish Kilburn

The hotel brand’s digital concierge network expands to 100 hotels across the U.S…

Porter24, an interactive digital concierge and advertising provider, has announced an expansion plan which will allow guests with unprecedented on demand experiences at more than 100 premier hotels, including Hilton and Marriott properties, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Chicago and most recently New York City.

As guests increasingly expect digital options to elevate their travel experiences, hotels are turning to Porter24’s turnkey solution featuring state-of-the-art touchscreen technology with an easy-to-use content management system in order to meet this demand. The interactive screens provide tourists access to all their tourism needs – from discovering local business deals and eateries to finding the hottest nightlife and greatest attractions – at their fingertips.

“Our digital concierge network addresses the needs of both the consumer and advertiser by targeting travelers upon check-in at their hotel and throughout their stay with curated content that the visitors view as a seamless extension of their hotel’s service,” said Daniel Ramirez, Vice President of Porter24. “Porter24’s unique experience and targeted content provides marketers with a unique opportunity to provide a value-add that consumers want to interact with.”

The screens come in various sizes, between 50 and 65 inches, with custom builds to ensure every display perfectly aligns with each hotels unique personality. Users can also check the weather, track flights, learn more about what’s happening at their hotel and even take a selfie that can be sent directly to social media channels- for those who’d like to boast about their amazing trip to friends.


Hotel Tech Spa & Live

Virtual Reality is changing the game in hospitality

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Hotel Spa Tech Live describes how Virtual Reality is changing the face of international hotel design and service…

Virtual Reality (VR) was once the realm of extreme gamers, but in recent years it has made some big promises about bringing disruption that will span industries. In hospitality virtual reality solutions are already being exploited to bring new and exciting customer experiences.

One key use of VR technology is to enhance the relationship between hotel and visitor. VR ad company Advrtas are exploiting VR in the hotel industry to elevate the consumer-brand relationship, with top of the range immersive experience used to promote luxury hotels.

In hospitality, being ahead of the curve with the latest technology can be the difference which sets you apart from your competitors.

Others, like 36 Zero VR, are using this high-end tech to offer virtual tours, engaging their visitors with the lure of information hot spots.

While offering VR services to your customer base may still feel very sci-fi for now, anyone working in hospitality needs to be aware of the waves it’s already making in the industry. In hospitality, where customers are always looking to be wowed, being ahead of the curve with the latest technology can be the difference which sets you apart from your competitors.

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As technology becomes more critical to the hospitality industries, Hotel & Spa Tech Live provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to find the very latest cutting-edge supplies designed to create a truly unforgettable experience for your customers, from the innovators behind these industry-transforming solutions.

Hotel & Spa Tech Live takes place at the London ExCel on the 25th – 26th September 2018, and tickets for this amazing event are FREE! Find out more about the future of hotel tech and register for your ticket on their website.

Armchair in front of hotel window

GUEST BLOG: Four keys that will help unlock the perfect hotel experience

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Marketing Executive from UK Trade Furnishings Ltd Ross King explains how to create the perfect hotel experience in four steps…

The hotel industry is one of the largest in the UK, with an average occupancy rate of 76 per cent as of 2018 alone. From business trips to family holidays, hotels are in constant demand, meaning that even the smallest of stays must be treated with the highest care and detail.

However what is it that goes into the perfect hotel stay, and what should you do to deliver the ultimate hosting experience?

Key number 1: Convenience

The first element to delivering the perfect hotel experience is convenience. Every potential guest expects the ultimate in convenience, seeking relief from the normal responsibilities of everyday life.

This can be simple things like asking to take guests’ bags to their room, and having a wide-ranging menu, suitable for all pallets. This can also be more luxurious convivences such high-end amenities and special welcome baskets for guests.

These elements combined add to the feeling of relaxation and relief that every guest should feel, whether they are staying for single night or a full week.

Key number 2: Comfort

Offering convenience is pointless if your guests do not feel comfortable during your stay. From the moment guests check in right up until they leave, they must feel as comfortable as possible.

Good service can contribute to this, as well as having high quality linen, towels and other essential items that guests now expect as standard when checking in to any hotel.

Another way to ensure and comfortable experience is within the design of the rooms themselves. Depending on the market your aiming for, your design and themes will be reflective of this target market.

However, even for those looking at a high-quality image without breaking the bank, there are options available for your room designs.

Simple changes like a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper creates a rejuvenating atmosphere, along with stylish yet functional furnishings and fittings all add to the feeling of comfort. This even stretches down to the floor, from plush carpets, vibrant tiles and even wood laminate flooring enhancing the feeling of comfort for your guests.

Key number 3: Considering everyone

Not one human being is the same. Therefore, we all have different needs, tastes and demands, which as a hotelier you should aim to meet where possible.

Say for example you have a guest requesting to visit a local aquarium. Why not offer some recommendations to make them feel special and appreciated.

Perhaps you have guests with certain eating requirements? Offering a custom menu would leave a fantastic impression; even if such a thing may seem a little ad hoc for most hoteliers

Key number 4: Customise your approach

One reality of being a hotelier is that competition is everywhere; at times even on the same street. It is likely that your guests have stayed at dozens of hotels before yours, making an enjoyable stay even more of a challenge to achieve.

However consider what makes your hotel unique to you.

Portraying a professional and friendly image combined with a personable approach which you have customised, all go towards the hotel experience and can encourage positive reviews and repeat visits.

Quiz nights, an open bar, a free swimming pool (if you are in that market) are just some of the example of how you can create a custom hotel experience to meet your guests needs and expectations.