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Maison Valentina

Bolder Bathrooms Focus: Maison Valentina

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Maison Valentina is a new luxury bathroom brand that provides a collection capable of making project dreams a reality with high-end solutions as bathtubs, washbasins and free-standing units – all made with the finest selection of materials; brass, marble, wood, glass.

Each piece is crafted with rare handiwork techniques and contemporary design.

Check out their range below and find out more by clicking here

Koi washbasin and Koi bathtub - Maison Valentina

KOI Washbasin - Maison Valentina


Forward Features: November - Bolder Bathrooms

Forward Features: November – Bolder Bathrooms

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In November, Hotel Designs will be focussing on bolder baths and bathrooms.

There’s a new wave of attention-grabbing free-standing tubs – especially in boutique hotels. We will be working with our bathroom supplier clients to look at the very best examples and how these statement items can make or break a hotel bathroom.

Our clients within the bathroom sector include Crosswater and Roca – see a full list of our clients here.

If you want to get your company and products in front of an audience of interior designers, procurement specialists and hoteliers for a month of focussed editorial, this is a fantastic opportunity.

If you wish to find out more, please contact Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or j.lane@forumevents.co.uk.

Jalu - Outdoor Lighting

Decorative Accessories: Metallic Finish for Furtho from Jalu

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Having caught up with Jalu in this month’s ‘Company Profile’, Hotel Designs had the chance to get a sneak peak at the company’s newest metallic finish to its ‘The Furtho’ outdoor lamps…

A new metallic paint finish to The Furtho was launched at the Independent Hotel Show 2017. A vibrant iridescent silver finish with contrasting silver flecks gives the lamp a stunning sheen and elevates it to a new level of elegance. The result is a sculptural piece that can stand out as a centre-piece in its own right, or be nestled amongst garden foliage. In both cases, the lamp will shine during the day and add a striking glow to eating, living and relaxing spaces as dusk falls.

The iridescent silver it just the start, we can work with a multitude of metallic colours and effects, to create beautiful and bespoke pieces to suit specific locations and branding. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Furtho was the launch collection from Jalu in Spring 2017. It comprises the outer lamp cast, and a separate fully wired inner luminaire with holder.

A more detailed specification:
• Height: 90cm
• Width at widest point: 39cm
• Approximate weight: Outer Cast 20kg, Internal Luminaire and Holder 9kg
• Voltage: 230V
• Wattage: 5W LED, max 10W
• 5W LED lamp (replaceable): allows switching between warm white (2700K), cool white (4000K) or daylight (6000K)
• Cable: 3.5m outdoor cable and 13A plug
• Protection: IP65, CE mark
• UV resistant: however, over time, slight fading and changes to surface colour may occur
• Suitable for swimming pool area ≥ Zone 2
• Country of origin: UK
• Price: £1,145 (excluding VAT) including delivery

+44(0) 1908 543094 // +44(0)7930506864
Unit 5, Furtho Manor Farm, Northampton Rd, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK19 6NR

July Focus: Mitre’s Chris Tame – ‘How to accessorise hotel rooms’

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Every establishment is unique and it is often the little touches that can make all the difference to a guest’s experience.

The increasing credibility of travel review sites has made the hospitality market even more competitive, so it is important to stand out for all the right reasons.

Here Chris Tame, Mitre Linen’s National Sales Manager, provides us with his six expert tips how to accessorise your rooms in order to create a warm welcome, a wonderful stay and a lasting impression…

1) Soft furnishings: Beautiful soft furnishings can transform a room and instantly make a guest feel welcome. Whether you want to ignite a certain sense of style or reinforce your brand identity, refreshing your curtains, cushions and bed runners will help create that all-important great first impression.

2) Include a blanket or throw: A deliciously soft cashmere or woollen throw or blanket can add a touch of glamour to a room as well as making guests feel at home. Guests love snuggling into a little comfort and will appreciate this little gesture.

3) Pillow menu: The right pillow can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep and, in a competitive market place, personalisation is the key to standing out. Why not offer your guests a pillow menu to allow them to pick their ideal pillow? This is a unique and personal gesture and will help provide your guests with a fantastic night’s sleep, tailored to their requirements.

4) Offer practical bedroom accessories: Complement each bedroom with practical amenities that will provide your guests with all the essentials to make their stay as easy and comfortable as possible. From quality hair dryers to irons and ironing boards, sometimes these little extras can be a necessity.

5) Offer guests a bathrobe and slippers: Allow your guests to feel completely pampered and indulged by leaving a sumptuous bathrobe hanging up in the room. Nothing says luxury like a velour bathrobe and a pair of matching slippers. For that extra-personal touch, embroider your bathrobes with your brand name to help reinforce your identity throughout their stay.

6) Include complimentary toiletries: Guests love a quality selection of quality complimentary shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and body creams in their bathrooms. Adding them to a room shows attention to detail and will add a touch of luxury to that special hotel experience.

For more helpful tips and advice, call our friendly team on 01685 353 4456 or go to www.mitrelinen.com

Forward Features: HD to focus on soft furnishings in July

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In July, Hotel Designs will be focussing on soft furnishings – curtains, cushions, furniture coverings and anything else made of cloth to decorate rooms and spaces.

2016 saw the re-emergence of bold colours and motifs in soft furnishings; moving away from the monochrome and minimalistic trends of 2015. This trend looks like continuing in 2017 and with our numerous Directory clients in this field, we will be looking at products, projects and some of the best examples within hotels.

Our clients in this sector include Gallery Direct, Style Library, Kobe, Altfield and Sekers – you can see a full list of our clients here.

If you want to get your company and products in front of an audience of interior designers, procurement specialists and hoteliers for a month of focussed editorial, this is a fantastic opportunity.

If you wish to find out more, please contact Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or j.lane@forumevents.co.uk

Carpet Design

Carpet Focus: 2016 trends to make impact on carpet design

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Much like paintwork or wallcoverings, carpets are one of the best and easiest ways to convey a theme and add a touch of ‘personality’ to a room or space. They can form a ‘neutral’ foundation for the rest of the room’s design in the background. Or, alternatively, a brightly coloured or vibrantly patterned carpet can form the focal point of an interior.


Brintons’ work in the Ramada Encore Dar Es Salaamel, Tanzania (Photo: brintons.net)

Indeed, manufacturing techniques and technology allow manufacturers – like HD Directory members Brintons, Wilton, Interface and Lano – to create carpets and rugs with patterns and textures such as swirls, bows, lattices, plaids, dots and fleur-de-lis.

Wilton Carpets

Wilton’s 1970s-inspired designs at Cranfield Management Development Centre (Photo: wiltoncarpets.com)

This year, there are a few design trends that will impact carpets and their implementation in spaces in the months ahead. Wider trends such as the emergence of warm minimalism, the rise and rise of Scandinavian design and rustic simplicity – which incorporates Mediterranean style with ‘contemporary country’ will all have an impact on carpet and rug design.


The ‘Over the Edge’ range from Interface Hospitality (Photo: interfacehospitality.com)

More specifically to carpets, and those with a more conservative approach, new neutral colours – like soft greens, pale yellows and subtle blues – are more likely to be used if the standard tans, beiges and creams aren’t used. Furthermore, flecks of colour will be incorporated into these schemes. Textures and patterns are becoming more popular because vacuum marks are less likely to show up on these carpets. Additionally, these textures also give guests an impression of high quality and can contrast perfectly with smoother surfaces such as counters, wardrobes and walls.


Lano’s pale yellow carpets in the Fraser Suites, Le Claridge Champs-Elysees (Photo: lano.com/en)

For designers wanting to make a bit more of a statement, attention-seeking carpets with bold colours and patterns can work when set against neutral wallcoverings. Also, 1970s-inspired design will play a big role in the year ahead and we could see elements of this make its way into carpet design.