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Image of Little Emporers propertys and Rebecca, the company's founder

Industry insight: booking travel through a tech-savvy app

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Industry insight: booking travel through a tech-savvy app

Hotel Designs learns how one company is using innovative tech to target its audience in the best way possible. Rebecca Masri, Founder of Little Emperors, writes…

Image of Little Emporers propertys and Rebecca, the company's founder

Following my 10 years working in the city at Goldman Sachs, I learnt the importance of purchase power. Following the financial crash in 2008 I decided to set up a hotel club, Little Emperors, based on my experience and using the contacts I had acquired. 11 years later this established hotel club offers its members affordable luxury with exclusive access to incredible hotel rates and benefits.

Little Emperors advanced forward-thinking technology and optimised search engine helps members find bespoke hotel trips and experiences perfectly suited to their requirements and personal preferences.  The technology allows the company to target its members with bespoke marketing and knows what its members want even before they do. Using a sophisticated technology we can track our 35,000+ members search and booking patterns, and engage in tactical suggestions with an easy to use app and website. With access to booking search engines, we are in a unique position of being able to access what travellers are looking for and can therefore predict future travel trends, always being one step ahead of the curve.

We save time and money – both valuable of course, with our quick thinking app where members can complete a booking within just four clicks, and our hotel partnerships which offer our members both corporate rates or leisure benefits, guaranteed to save money on bookings. We also have a ‘Lowest Rate Guaranteed’ with all our hotel partners, so if a member finds a comparable rate cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price and add a benefit to the booking such as a room upgrade or hotel credit.

As well as allowing members to book easily, our app also provides access to live availability and detailed hotel & room descriptions at any time. I believe it is our innovative tech that has allowed us to grow into a members club which truly looks after its members. This is why we have a 98 per cent retention rate of members and each member on average will refer at least three more who join.

The last six months have been particularly challenging and have shown us the importance of connection and booking holidays through a trusted source. Members clubs are not only safe, but they look after members, and will work around the clock ensuring all members needs are met. As travellers are increasingly waiting until the very last moment to book holidays, the desire to book using a smart and efficient system is becoming more popular than ever. Thankfully Little Emperors was created with our members best interests at heart, delivering the very best service through our user-friendly app, and we hope we can help more and more aspiring travellers to once again reach all corners of the world through travelling with us.

Main image credit: Little Emperors

EXCLUSIVE: New online platform now allows guests to choose their own rooms before checking in

Hamish Kilburn

The new platform, Hotel Room Chooser, enables hoteliers to own customer relationships and data, increase direct bookings, maximise brand experience and encourage loyalty…

Hotel Room Chooser is a newly launched online platform that allows guests to choose their own hotel room prior to check-in.

The technology, which was recognised and shortlisted for The Brit List 2018’s Innovative Use Of Technology award, has been developed by London-based Filter Digital. Its innovation has is already being utilised by several leading hotel brands and chains, including GLH.

The platform provides guests with a visual choice of location for their booking, so they can pick the best individual room or environment for their stay and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Guests using the service are presented with bespoke interactive floorplans, photography, 360 experiences and more so they have everything they need to choose the room they want – and the entire experience is also optimised for mobile.

A built-in notification system uses email and SMS to communicate with guests throughout the room choosing process, including confirmation once complete.

“Hoteliers using Hotel Room Chooser also benefit from integration with reception desks at individual locations.”

For hoteliers, Hotel Room Chooser has the flexibility to be either fully integrated into their existing CRM and booking journeys or sit outside of them as a post-booking process. It’s also fully scalable, with the option to add booking locations and apply multiple branding.

The platform is hosted externally, with live API and network integration possible – crucially, all customer data is fully encrypted via SSL, making Hotel Room Chooser extremely secure.

Hoteliers using Hotel Room Chooser also benefit from integration with reception desks at individual locations, all the while capturing customer feedback, with detailed real-time and monthly reporting available via an interactive dashboard.

And this new technology has the power to dramatically increase direct bookings. In a recent survey of 500 customers where Hotel Room Chooser was available:

  • 75 per cent of customers did choose their own room
  • 96 per cent found the experience enjoyable
  • 98 per cent said they would use it again

“We’re incredibly pleased that since its initial launch we have processed tens of thousands of bookings through Hotel Room Chooser, and it has been an unequivocal success for our partners,” said Filter Digital CEO Oliver Morrison. “In five years’, allowing guests to choose their own room will be a baseline offering, and hotel groups that aren’t able to offer this will be left behind as customers gravitate towards those that can provide this choice. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the platform for license to all hotel chains, particularly those looking to maximise the potential of direct booking channels.”

Put simply, Hotel Room Chooser taps into the growing demand of interactivty and guests wanting a personalised service from check in to check out.



Sponsored: Wix.com adds HotelRunner’s Channel Manager

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Wix.com, a leading cloud-based web development platform, has added HotelRunner’s Channel Manager, a leading channel management platform, to work within the Wix Hotels booking platform. Wix Hotels users will now be able to sync all their reservations from over 80 booking channels directly to one place.

Wix Hotels offers a complete booking engine that is fully integrated into a Wix website for hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals. It makes it simple to build and maintain room inventory complete with pricing, booking, reservation and payment management. HotelRunner allows hotel owners to easily distribute rooms and pricing online.

Wix.com“HotelRunner gives our hospitality clients the ability to better manage their room inventory, enabling a more streamlined experience in organising and managing their business online,” said Gal Fisher, Wix Hotels operations manager.

“We are happy to enable our clients to have a beautiful website with a direct booking engine easily integrating their inventory to global online travel agencies in real-time. Whether they are a hotel, apartment or a villa, our clients are now able to promote their inventory globally,” added Riza Kaynak, HotelRunner Customer Success Manager.

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