Paris-Gare de l’Est Hotel entirely redesigned by Axel Schoenert architectes. Opening July 2015

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    Axel Schoenert architects was commissioned by Paris Inn Group to refurbish the Paris-Gare de l’Est Hotel, an area of 9,000 sq m. The modernized four-star hotel will open in Paris this July 2015 with 206 bedrooms. Zsofia Varnagy & Axel Schoenert have redesigned the entire hotel, from the architectural reconfiguration of the spaces to the interior design, putting their mark on even the smallest details.

    The hotel’s 200 bedrooms will be increased to 206 following the redevelopment. Decorated in four different tones (turquoise, yellow, blue and violet), inspired by the colours and freshness of spring, each individual and welcoming room will boast an elegant en-suite bathroom.

    The new lobby design focuses on optimising spaces in order to create an open and welcoming environment. The breakfast room, reserved for hotel guests, will seat 96 after renovation. The pale tones of the interior design will be subtly picked out by touches of colour, creating a more spacious and luminous environment.

    The hotel bar, which is open to the public, will be unusually furnished with a collection of elegant curves, warm and colourful, designed especially by Zsofia Varnagy. Cosy and private, it will make the perfect place for a business meeting or a moment of relaxation.

    Five conference rooms, with windows to the outside, will boast all the latest technology to ensure agreeable workspaces to meet every need.

    Harmonious, the overall interior design of the hotel will encapsulate all the energy and vigour of spring, offering a luxurious setting for an enjoyable experience in the heart of Paris.

    Designed especially for the hotel by duo of designers Zsofia Varnagy & Axel Schoenert, the furniture line is made in harmony with the architectural concept which embodies spring’s energy and brightness and provides a pure wellbeing moment in the heart of Paris.

    The chairs designed for the rooms include two different size and four different tones: turquoise, yellow, blue and violet. Recalling organic and vegetal shapes such as rose petal or flower, their design embody movement and lightness and pay tribute to nature.

    With their rounded shapes and refined materials, the seats add softness and comfort to the hotel.

    Ultralight and flexible, the chairs match perfectly with the hotel guest’s need : their small size is ideal to combine work and well-being.

    Even the two coffee tables created for the rooms can echo to nature. Refined and rounded, they remind freshness and brightness of spring, and are harmoniously integrated the to interior design concept.

    Daniel Fountain / 21.05.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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