I-­AM London launches future of hospitality trend report

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    Award winning design agency I­‐AM London has launched its second report on its interactive online portal exploring the future of hospitality.

    It looks at the key trends that are changing the hotel landscape and the emerging signals that are prompting developments in experience design.

    From novel service offerings to immersive worlds, ultra-­‐convenience to reconfigurable buildings, we looked into what things make people feel hosted – and what hotels will look like in the near future.

    We started our research by asking people what they really think about the hotel experience. We asked over 500 Millennials across Germany, France and UK everything from pricing to entertainment, Instagram to reservations, and health to pet care. Our insights delved into what people love and hate about the hotel experience, but most importantly – how they want to feel hosted in the future.

    The report looked into the top trends of 2017, from flexi-solutions to active stays that offer fitness opportunities for visitors.

    You can read the full report on their website for more information.

    Guest Author / 05.01.2018


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