GROHE SPA® presented “Body & Soul Building” concept at IMM Cologne 2014

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    On average you will spend six years of your life in the bathroom. The more functions the bathroom fulfils besides washing and body care routines, the more people appreciate this space and think about customising it. Luxury within the bathroom is taking on a completely different role. Together with new products and applications, the bathroom has become a place for purifying body and soul, a place of renewal and harmony – somewhere to relax at the end of a busy day.GROHE SPA®, GROHE’s luxury brand, presented a concept of balanced contrasts at this year’s IMM Cologne.

    “To feel balanced, you need to achieve harmony between the different sides of the human being and the different needs of the human body,” says Nicole Rösler, Head of GROHE SPA®. “GROHE SPA® combines fragrances, colours, sound and water treatments into an experience and an atmosphere to make everybody be at one with themselves. Matched to the different times of the day, moods and preferences, your own private spa bathroom will allow you to feel entirely at ease.”

    The GROHE SPA® exhibition booth was divided into two different sections to show just how important it is to achieve a balance of seemingly contrasting aspects. On one side, the GROHE Grandera™ product collection was showcased in an open, bright spa environment featuring a free-standing bathtub and a matching tap. The bathtub stands for peace and relaxation, while the tap line embodies elegance and style. Its design combines flowing feminine forms with clearly defined masculine corners and edges.

    Just opposite, GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe was exhibited in a more subdued, warm setting. The modular system uses steam, sound and coloured light to turn the shower into a wellness oasis. Depending on the settings chosen by the user, the shower has a stimulating and refreshing or a relaxing and balancing effect. The coloured LED lights, the music and the intensity of the steam can be adjusted to the user’s personal preferences using an Apple iPod.

    Daniel Fountain / 24.01.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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