Boråstapeter celebrates 2018’s colour trends

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    Boråstapeter is highlighting some of 2018’s biggest trends in colours, with the launch of a new selection of wallpapers as part of its new Deep Sea Dive serie.

    Available for a limited time, the serie boasts a collection of single-coloured wallpapers with a matt finish.

    The company is now taking the single-coloured wallpaper concept further by launching the serie specifically aimed at trend-savvy customers looking for 2018’s most important colours.

    “From 2018, Boråstapeter will be launching annual series that showcase the colour trends for each coming year. This year, we’ve taken inspiration from the beauty of the ocean depths, with colours running from a deep navy blue through to a light pink, vibrant green and playful yellow,” said Noomi Spange, designer at Boråstapeter.

    “The serie is a feast for the eyes, combining the crackling colours of the coral reefs with the obscure darkness of billowing waves. It’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate dynamic, on-trend colours into your interiors.”

    Deep Sea Dive will make its debut in February 2018, alongside the Pigment wallpaper collection, which will boast 40 single-coloured wallpapers.

    Spange added: “With paint colours, it’s often the case that the sample you see in the paint shop isn’t a perfect representation of the finished result.

    “Not here. Each colour is exactly as you chose it, which makes it easier to plan your interiors and ensure there’s some interplay with the other materials and furnishings in a space.”

    Daniel Fountain / 15.11.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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