Tina Norden

    Tina Norden speaks to Sophie Harper about Experiential Design on the latest DESIGN POD podcast

    Episode 39: Experiential Design

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    In the fifth show of series five of DESIGN POD, sponsored by EquipHotel, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper catches up with Partner and Principal at Conran and Partners, Tina Norden, about the logistics of working on global projects and creating experiential hospitality design that appeals to tourists and locals alike…

    A well-known personality in the design industry, Tina tells us about her evolving role from architecture to design through to her current role as partner at Conran and Partners and how she’s excited to see her peers’ careers unfold.

    Her design knowledge and understanding of the human condition has contributed to her natural ability to sculpt hospitality environments that offer guests an all-encompassing hotel experience.

    Listen now to hear Tina talk about working closely with clients to really get under the skin of their target market and showcase the visual expression of the brand, as well as incorporating each project’s locality to add depth and immersion.

    DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by EquipHotel, produced by Kevin Lines, and hosted by Sophie Harper.