Louis Thompson talks about Unconventional Design on episode 37 of DESIGN POD

    Episode 37: Unconventional Design

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    In the third show of series five of DESIGN POD, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper chats to Nomadic Resorts Founder, Louis Thompson, about his ideas on unconventional design and how he applies different forms of architecture and craftsmanship to some truly unique hotel projects.

    A true believer in creating experiences that enhance a guest’s stay and that complement the local surroundings, Louis Thompson thinks so far out of the box, it makes you question why there was even the option of a box in the first place.

    Talking about customer demand for more interesting and adventurous hotels and resorts, Louis tells us about the projects he has worked on and why going back to basics is key to making unique experiences that are in harmony with and utilise their natural settings.

    Here he unravels his thought process and the research that goes into creating some of the most stunning hospitality projects in the world which, as it turns out, are built in a more conventional way than stereotypical developments.

    Listen now to hear about Nomadic Resorts‘ projects, including a restaurant in the Maldives made in the form of a stingray and constructed from bamboo, and  a completely accessible luxury development in Fiji.

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    Main image credit: Nomadic Resorts