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    Oscar Lucien Ono talks about the inspiration behind his design work in the latest episode of DESIGN POD

    Episode 42: Inspiration Translated into Design

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    In the last episode of series five of DESIGN POD, sponsored by EquipHotel, Hotel Designs Editor Sophie Harper talks to Oscar Lucien Ono, Founder and Director, Maison Numéro 20, about the influence of art and history in his design work and how he took an opportunity 20 years ago that formed the basis of his success today…


    Oscar Lucien Ono describes his early forays into the design world as instinctive and fortuitous, driven by a love of art and a good eye for pairing colours and objects together. Not officially trained in design, Oscar learnt his trade on the job, having taken a leap of faith 20 years ago. Ten years later, Oscar had learnt enough to found his own studio, Maison Numéro 20.

    Inspired by 20th century interior designers like Pierre Chareau, Oscar brings his own interior architecture expertise and creative flair to projects in which custom-made is paramount. Hotels, large residences, restaurants, and bars around the world have been the subjects of Oscar and his team’s design work with a focus on immersion and timelessness. The studio is made up of the talents of a team of architects, decorators, space designers, graphic designers as well as experts in hospitality.


    You can catch Oscar at this year’s installation of EquipHotel Paris on 3rd – 7th November:

    For the first time ever, EquipHotel has created a space designed as a mini-museum to play host to four designers and their take on the perfect seat for conversing, talking and sharing. That’s why the new Inspiration Gallery is featuring a new exhibition called “Confidences pour confidences”, giving carte blanche to four talents to showcase four tête-à-têtes (also known as conversation benches) in four different 30 square metre settings. Designer Fanny Perrier, architect Marco Lavit, interior architect Oscar Ono and the creative duo Marthe Simon & Paul Peller took part and set their tête-à-tête chairs in a winter garden, a dressing room, a salon and a space designed as a spa lobby, creating a way to show a piece of furniture differently by focusing on the experience.

    Conversation is also at the heart of interior architect Oscar Ono’s design. His “Disco Bathroom” transports visitors into an undefinable space that’s part bar, part bathroom, part boudoir, part dressing room, all punctuated by creations made using traditional know-how and others using recycled plastic 3D printing, because the world is changing and so are practices.


    DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by EquipHotel, produced by Kevin Lines, and hosted by Sophie Harper.