My exams are this june and i without a doubt badly want to get an a grade but at the moment i’m at a c/b grade.

For english language examination there is:

Segment a: that is analyzing (comprehension) with four questions on a textual content . (genuine content, format, way feelings are conveyed and a comparison on  texts)
Section b: this is custom writing to inform, provide an explanation for or describe. On any other undertaking, i want to argue persuade or suggest

For english literature:

Phase a: that is a comparison query on two poems. The other is a query on an unseen poem.
Section b: in case your familiar with the play inspector calls, we’ve a question on it

When you have any recommendation a small phase at the exam or the entirety, i will actually respect it. Ought to you possibly inform me what to do so that you can get the higher grades. I like you a lot!!! Thanks!! 😉

Ooooooh!!! Remaining issue!!! …If all and sundry is aware of or may want to give me a website for model answers or previous answers to papers please tell me thanks!!!

ChrisGreenwelt answered