Students have become accustomed to having worked evaluated on effort rather than content. They also fully believe because they showed up and did the task they will get an A+. They believe they are exceptional because that is what parents and k-12 teachers have told them for some 18 years. They refuse to believe they are merely average in the bigger pond called college. So once these students get to college, they have a breakdown. Many try and have their helicopter parents control professors like K-12 teachers and schedule every minute of their days.

If this problem is going to be fixed, it needs to be fixed in the home before children are born. We must stop giving gold stars for doing basic things of life. It makes kids feel inadequate after the first few stars, then after a few months they expect praise and gold stars for their hard work that they have done looking for ways How to Get A . We must allow kids to fail and fail often. Then we can teach them how to right the wrong and praise the way they get back on their feet.

alvinaash answered