What is the education problem? It is that too many kids fail to kill themselves trying to meet Harvard’s impossible entry standards, only to be excluded because of numbers when they do (and the more that struggle to meet that standard, the higher the standard gets)?

No. the education problem is that too many kids hate school and get turned off and drop out. If a kid has no home support, will they be made to do homework? No. If a kid has no home support, will there be anyone to help them with their struggles? No. Will they hate school? Yes. Will their sense of failure be reinforced at being berated at not doing their homework  as always, in front of the other kids? Yes.

Has anyone asked the kids? What is it that makes kids hate school the most?
It is having an engaging teacher expose them to new stuff, at a time and place they know is devoted to it?
Or it having to spend what they think is “their” time on rote, repetitious stuff that either they got in class, or they don’t get, and starring at more of the same is not going to make them “get” it?

Ask yourself this question: “Don’t you hate still being at work in the winter when it is dark out, at a time when it would not bother you in the summer when you know you have hours of light left afterward? How do you think kids feel being forced to do homework after dark in the winter, which after all, is when school is?

And remember, these kids, whose natural sleep cycle is later than the very early they have to get up to get ready to ride the bus to start school earlier than most people go to work have been up and supposedly alert and active for 12 or 14 hours when they are supposed to be doing homework. Adults work – grudgingly – an 8 hour day. How many hours are kids “at work – school, bus, and homework? They are sleepy. They are tired. I remember myself when I was tired but had to writemyessay and teachers didn’t care that their subject is not the only one and kids have to prepare other subject at home too. This all resulted in  They are not mentally alert and are struggling to focus on homework. So naturally, the more they drag, the more homework drags, and the more they drag.

Marieremley answered